Lu'au Kalamaku

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Lu'au Kalamaku

Lu'au Kalamaku

Mingle with Kupuna (elders) as they show off their tapa cloths and coconut hats. Enjoy a complimentary Mai Tai, a beer, or a soft drink, as you stroll through crafters’ huts and try traditional Hawaiian games. Find that one-of-a-kind gift, perhaps a lotion made by Aunty Iwa or beautiful fresh water pearls woven by hand into coconut twine.

A conch shell sounds the start of the traditional Imu ceremony. The sway of hula and the sound of chant blends with the enticing aromas. Over dinner, listen to musicians tell tales through song.

As the skies darken, the cast of Kalamaku takes the stage to tell the story of ancestors and the epic voyage between Hawaii and Tahiti. With fire poi balls and through traditional fire knife dancing, the troupe scribes with flames against the darkened sky.

Location: Lihue, Hawaii
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