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Carie and Pat

Hi, Thank you for looking at our honeymoon registry. Many folks have been asking if we are registered anywhere and so we decided to register for our honeymoon, but really, your presence at the wedding is the true gift! We will start our honeymoon on Dec. 10, 2013 as we head to Puerto Morelos, near Cancun, for a bluegrass festival called Strings and Sol. This festival is at an all inclusive resort and one we attended last year. It was such a good time we're going back again! *** From Cancun, we'll fly to a country that shall not be named, and stay there through Christmas. Our is plan to travel the country in a rental car or perhaps hire a driver! Then we'll catch a flight to Costa Rica where we'll spend a week and a half over New Year's. The plan is to relax on the beach or play in the forest and hopefully stay with friends. We'll return home on January 4! Thanks, Carie and Pat

Puerto Morelos, Mexico Costa Rica
Strings and Sol Bluegrass Festival

Strings and Sol Bluegrass Festival


A bluegrass festival on the beach at an all inclusive resort for 4 days!

Christmas somewhere between Cancun and Florida!

Christmas somewhere between Cancun and Florida!


We'll spend a week and a half here over Christmas! We plan to visit the major city and a few smaller towns along the coast by renting a car or hiring a driver. We'll stay in Casa Particulars, with...

New Years in Costa Rica

New Years in Costa Rica


We'll be spending a week and a half here, including New Year's Eve! We're hoping to stay with friends while we relax on the beach or trek through the forests.

What's a honeymoon registry?

Wanderable is a new and unique honeymoon registry that allows wedding guests to gift meaningful and memorable experiences to a newlywed couple.

Similar to a traditional registry where the couple registers for gifts, couples will create a Wanderable registry website where guests can choose a thoughtful experience to give based on their unique relationship with the couple.

Why Wanderable?

Couples who choose Wanderable want a beautiful experience to help begin their journey together.

A marriage is about the experience of life and the journey you are just beginning together. Wanderable believes that this is at the core of marriage. And the only way to help a couple celebrate this is to provide a meaningful wedding gift of one of the first experiences of this journey together.

Wanderable helps couples get started on their journey by providing a unique way for guests to give more than a thing, but a gift of a new life experience the couple can share.

We believe that experiences can be made into memorable gifts, that feel as real as receiving any other gift you can unwrap.

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