Honeymoon Registry for Chris and Ashton

Destination: Greece, Italy, & France

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Chris and Ashton

Welcome to our Honeymoon registry! We will be taking a three week long trip exploring southern Europe. Our first stop will be to Greece! After flying into Athens we will be taking a water taxi to the island of Mykonos. First on the itinerary is relaxing on the beach and exploring the villages. While on the island we plan to submerge ourselves in the culture. We want to live like the locals! Sailing, hiking, and dining like a Myconian is at the top pf our list. After spending four days on the island we will come back through Athens to catch our next flight to Rome. While in Athens we plan to check out Acropolis (duh) and the many museums. Our tour of Italy includes Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan. We will be taking the high speed train to travel through these cities. In each city we plan to see the many sites and indulge in the beautiful surroundings. A few of the things we are looking forward to are Rome's architecture (Colosseum), Florence's cathedrals (Duomo), Milan's boutiques and art (Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper), Venice's canals, markets, and lots and lots of gelato.. Paris will be our final stop of the trip. Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and the Lourve top our list for this city. After three weeks we will fly home from Paris through Canada back to St. Louis. I can't describe the excitement I feel while planning this trip. We will see unforgettable sites and explore a part of the world neither of us have ever been. Thank you so much for contributing to our dream honeymoon. Although we will miss everyone (especially Macy) we will have a fantastic time celebrating the first few weeks of our marriage. Thank you so so much for making our dreams come true! XO -Chris & Ashton

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Rome, Italy Milan, Italy Florence, Italy Venice, Italy
Our first honeymoon dinner

Our first honeymoon dinner


Our first dinner alone as a married couple! You'll be contributing to our splurge on amazing food.

Travel adapters and more!

Travel adapters and more!


We never realized what we needed until we started planning our registry! We're planning on buying handy travel adapters, extra chargers, and an emergency travel blanket. Everyone needs an emergency...

Matching leather luggage tags

Matching leather luggage tags


Our luggage will look so much more fancy with these! Plus, we'll be able to find it so much more easily. Each one is hand-cut, hand-stamped and dyed on premium tooling leather.

A meal atop the Eiffel Tower

A meal atop the Eiffel Tower


Such an icon, such a monument, which we still haven't visited. The Eiffel Tower will be our first stop in Paris.




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