Journey to Lindos with free time at the beach

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Journey to Lindos with free time at the beach

Journey to Lindos with free time at the beach

The once powerful ancient city of Lindos is located on the islands eastern shoreline, 47 kilometers from the city of Rhodes. Our tour will begin with a scenic drive past the walls of Old Rhodes and through the modern city. Continuing southward along the coast we will observe little picturesque villages, orange and lemon groves, vineyards and gnarled old olive trees. The 4th century BC Doric Temple of Athena Lindia, a double-winged portico, a Byzantine church and the fortifications of the Knights, including the remains of the Governor's quarters, dominate the Acropolis. Once we've climbed to the top of the Acropolis, we will enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding coast, including St. Paul's Bay where the Apostle is said to have landed. Below the Acropolis, we will see the old, whitewashed houses and the narrow streets of this most delightful town..

Location: Rhodes, Greece
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