Honeymoon Registry for Nicolas and Patricia

Destination: Tibau Do Sul (near Natal), Brasil

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Nicolas and Patricia

Viva Mexico! Agooo Ghana! Thanks for helping us put our Arsenal allegiance aside to watch brilliant football courtesy of El Tri and The Black Stars at the 2014 World Cup in beautiful Brasil. With both of us being footy nuts, there was very little discussion about where we were going to go for our honeymoon. Lucky for us, the wonderful beach city of Natal is hosting both a Mexico and Ghana game in a space of a week, so that's where we're going to be. Or close to it as we can get in Tibau Do Sul, a 30 minute drive away form the world cup stadium. Thank you so much for letting us enjoy the things we love best - travel, football, and each other.

Natal, Brazil Tibau Do Sul, Brazil



Recife is n hour drive from Natal, and nearest handy airport for us to land at.

World Cup Game Tickets in Natal

World Cup Game Tickets in Natal


Mexico vs Cameroon 13th June 2014 1pm Ghana vs USA 17th June 2014 7pm

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