Day Excursion to Historical Malé

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Day Excursion to Historical Malé

Day Excursion to Historical Malé

Savour a visit to the Malé, the world's smallest capital city, accessed by a 15-minutes luxury speedboat ride. The small, exotic and easy-going city buzzes with activity in its shops and markets. The museum with a wide range of historic relics, the 400-year-old mosque, the "Hukuru Miskiiy" with some of the finest coral carvings, the Islamic Centre, the Munnaaru (Minaret), the shrine of Abul Barakath Yousuf Al-Barbari, the former presidential palace, the Sultan Park, the National Museum and the tomb of Mohamed Thakurufaanu present a fascinating insight into the country's unique history. Sumptuous samples of Maldivian treats tantalize the taste buds at the local fruit and vegetable market.

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