Tour and Tea at the Glenveagh National Park and Castle

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Tour and Tea at the Glenveagh National Park and Castle

Tour and Tea at the Glenveagh National Park and Castle

As we move north on our trip, we will stop in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal to visit one of the most beautiful estates in Ireland. The estate of Glenveagh was created in 1857-9 by the purchase of several smaller holdings by a wealthy land speculator. Following the death of the heir in 1921, Glenveagh fell much into decline and was occupied by both the Anti-Treaty and Free State Army forces during the Irish Civil War. Glenveagh’s next owner was not until 1929, when purchased by Professor Arthur Kingsley Porter of Harvard University who came to Ireland to study Irish archaeology and culture. Glenveagh National Park opened to the public in 1984, and the castle opened for tours in 1986. Today, under private ownership, Glenveagh continues to attract and inspire visitors from all over the world.

Location: Letterkenny, Ireland
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