Visit to an Animal Cafe

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Visit to an Animal Cafe

Visit to an Animal Cafe

Needless to say, we are going to spend ALL of our time in Tokyo at one of these:

Q: But why would people want to go to a cafe with animals?
The main reasons are that most apartments and rental accommodation in Japan prohibit pets. Accommodation is generally small in Japan too, so even if they’re allowed to keep pets, many people don’t have enough space.
Cafes are therefore a great substitute where people can come and relax with animals.

Q: And what do you do there?
You pay an hourly fee, buy a drink and while you have your drink the animals sleep or run around and you get to watch or stroke them.
Many cafes have photo albums or books featuring names and profiles of all the different animals there – their names, likes and dislikes etc.
If you have a favourite you can pay extra to buy it special food or even to feed it yourself. In rabbit cafes, for example, you may be able to feed the bunnies pieces of apple, carrot and so on.
People often take cameras to the cafes to photograph the animals too.
Some people just stay for half an hour, but most for longer. Some people even take a day off work and spend the day in a cat cafe.

Location: Japan
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