Snowy River Horseback Riding Excursion

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Snowy River Horseback Riding Excursion

Snowy River Horseback Riding Excursion

A tour of the Australian Alps on horseback in to the famed area of the Man From Snowy River. This 4 night excursion heads in to the Kosciuscko National Park and is best discovered on horseback. We will visit the rolling plains, cool mountain
streams, carpets of wildflowers and historic mountain huts that are all part of the Snowy Mountains experience. Gaze from a mountain towards the high country wilderness. Canter across an alpine plain where wild bush horses roam or visit Broken Dam and the Nine Mile Diggings - an open cut gold mine where the miners used ingenious methods to find their fortunes. On a Reynella Horseback Safari you can discover for yourself what inspired Banjo Patterson to pen the famous poem “The Man from Snowy River”.

Location: Australia
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