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Destination: Italy!

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Meredith and Brian

We are looking forward to escaping to Italy in early June. Excited to relax and experience the breathtaking Tuscan countryside and sparkling Amalfi Coast for the first time together! We have a few things that we would love to do while there, and would welcome any suggestions from those of you who have travelled there! Love Meredith & Brian

Positano, Italy Laurito, Italy Sorrento Peninsula, Italy
Romantic candlelight dinner

Romantic candlelight dinner


High above the hustle and bustle, sits the five-star Le Sirenuse hotel. The property is home to La Sponda, Positano’s finest restaurant, with a recent Michelin star to prove it. The cuisine is base...

Day Trip to Capri!

Day Trip to Capri!


Ferry from Positano to Capri & tour of the famous Blue Grotto.

Gelato Making Class (& Tasting)

Gelato Making Class (& Tasting)


What could be more Italian than gelato? At the Gelateria David in Sorrento, owners Mario and Carmela Gargiulo make 130 flavours of ice cream – and teach others how to make it too. In their workshop...

Boating to  Conca dei Marini  & Lunch at La Tonnarella

Boating to Conca dei Marini & Lunch at La Tonnarella


The Amalfi Coast is renowned for its seafood, and the best way to taste it is to eat as close to the ocean as possible. The Conca dei Marini has a secluded beach set amid cliffs that forms one of t...

Cooking Class

Cooking Class


We would LOVE to take a cooking class while in either the Amalfi Coast (focusing on Mediterranean cuisine) or in the Chianti region (classic Italian fare). Most cover the four courses typical of an...

Driver from Naples to Positano

Driver from Naples to Positano


There are buses that go along these coastal cliff roads at very high speeds. We'd love to arrive in Positano in a healthy (living) state. A gift to allow us to travel in luxury would be most welco...

Boating around the Amalfi Coast

Boating around the Amalfi Coast


What better way to explore the beautiful Amalfi Coast than by boat! Will Brian be able to navigate waters inhabited by the mythical sirens? We want to find out. (We will potentially cheat and just...

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