Scuba Diving in Palau

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Scuba Diving in Palau

Scuba Diving in Palau

Palau is a divers dream! A true “one stop shop” when it comes to diving! From sheltered coral gardens filled with colorful reef fishes and lots of turtles to current swept plateaus patrolled by schools of sharks and barracudas, Palau offers a wide and wonderful range of diving. Healthy reefs, stunning walls, beautiful hard corals and soft corals, lots of sharks, huge mantas, turtles on every dive and huge schools of fish, tiny seahorses, elusive mandarinfish and lots and lots of tiny critters, all topped off with an amazing collection of WWII wrecks!

Phil has experienced diving here before and can not wait to go back! This is the kind of place you can only visit when you have a lot of time due to it's location being in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Therefore, we are hoping to spend a few days here on the honeymoon and put our scuba diving skills to good use!

Location: Palau
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