Honeymoon Registry for Christine and Alfonso

Destination: Brazil 2014

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Christine and Alfonso

Hello & Hola! Thank you for visiting our honeymoon website! As this year has been a little chaotic, we've decided to postpone our big trip till next summer when we'll cross two things off our bucket lists: A World Cup & A Trip to Brazil! Thank you so much for your help in making this dream of ours happen! Muchisimas gracias por querer hacer posible nuestra luna de miel! Como ya sabéis este año ha sido un poco mas caótico de lo normal. Por eso, tenemos pensado esperar y viajar el año que viene ~ iremos al Mundial de 2014 en Brasil. QUÉ GANE LA ROJA DE NUEVO!!

Brazil Porcos, Brazil São Paulo, Brazil Rio, Brazil
Beach / Playa!

Beach / Playa!


Transportation, nice little beach huts, pina coladas - the works! Transporte, cabanas en la playa, pina coladas - de todo!

What's a honeymoon registry?

Wanderable is a new and unique honeymoon registry that allows wedding guests to gift meaningful and memorable experiences to a newlywed couple.

Similar to a traditional registry where the couple registers for gifts, couples will create a Wanderable registry website where guests can choose a thoughtful experience to give based on their unique relationship with the couple.

Why Wanderable?

Couples who choose Wanderable want a beautiful experience to help begin their journey together.

A marriage is about the experience of life and the journey you are just beginning together. Wanderable believes that this is at the core of marriage. And the only way to help a couple celebrate this is to provide a meaningful wedding gift of one of the first experiences of this journey together.

Wanderable helps couples get started on their journey by providing a unique way for guests to give more than a thing, but a gift of a new life experience the couple can share.

We believe that experiences can be made into memorable gifts, that feel as real as receiving any other gift you can unwrap.

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