A Visit to the Wineries of Santorini & Oia Village

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A Visit to the Wineries of Santorini & Oia Village

A Visit to the Wineries of Santorini & Oia Village

On the first section of your tour you will travel to the most northern point of the island, Oia Village. This dramatic little village, built on a steep slope of the caldera, has many of its dwellings nestled in niches hewn into the volcanic rock. Once the home of wealthy seafarers of the past, still evident is their two story mansions painted in a spectrum of pastel colors. As you traverse its narrow cobbled streets you will come across many tiny shops which offer a varied and unusual collection of handmade works of ceramic art, paintings and semi- precious jewelry. Coffee shops perched on the edge of the cliffs offer spectacular views of Fira and the volcano. A short journey will then bring you to one of Santorini’s foremost wineries where you will be able to sample some of the most famous wines of Santorini. Leaving Santo winery you will travel to Gavalas Winery, one of the oldest "canavas" of the island, lies in the traditional village of Megalochori. The Gavalas Winery is a pilot wine unit operating in the PDO Santorini zone. Now spans an 18 acre vineyard planted with Santorini PDO native varieties Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani and several rare local Katsano, Gaidouria, Mavrotragano, Voudomato. The winery is equipped with modern machinery and a capacity to produce 150 tonnes of wine. The tradition and experience which is passed from one generation to the next is always emphasized in the high quality of the wines produced. Here you will try some of the most famous Greek wines. Further in your tour you will visit the Wine Museum of Santorini. The unique, underground Wine Museum, 8 meters below the ground and 300 meters long, shaped labyrinth, showing the history of the wine and the life of wine producer in Santorini from 1660 to 1970. You will navigate the history of wine. The museum was created by the love and passion the local people had for the tradition. The creation of the wine museum took 21 years of hard work with patience and perseverance. All tools, utensils and equipment are original. In the museum, all issues are presented in order. The stages of the production of wine and all the machines out in chronological order. The pruning, plowing the land, the harvest the pressing and the weight of the grapes. The rare exhibits, wine-making machinery and tools will transport the visitor to another year. Finally, the visitor keeps the memory of all the knowledge from the trip in the past. In the end, the visitor has the opportunity to try four from our best wines. The Cycladic culture, and how the difficulties of life stages of wine production, attract thousands of visitors each year. Finally, you will board your coach to be taken back to the center of the island to Fira town where your tour will end after a short walk at the Metropolis Church. From there you may decide whether to stay in the town and do a bit of shopping or to make your way back to the ship directly by taking the cable car to the pier below.

Location: Greece
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