Jamaica Bobsled, Skyride & Zipline & Dunn's River Falls Combo

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Jamaica Bobsled, Skyride & Zipline & Dunn's River Falls Combo

Jamaica Bobsled, Skyride & Zipline & Dunn's River Falls Combo

A triple-threat experience that combines thrilling encounters in one, this amazing tour invites us to ride the Rainforest Sky Explorer, a state-of-the-art chair lift that soars 600 ft above the tree tops, transporting us to the peak of Mystic Mountain high above Ocho Rios. Next up, we can hop aboard Bobsled Jamaica, a high-tech, custom-designed bobsled that will speeds us along stainless steel rails on a 1000-meter, gravity-driven thoursill ride through the forest. Finally our journey ends with a rainforest Zipline Canopy traverse that sends us whizzing across a tensile cable strung between a series of tree-to-tree platforms arrayed across a lush, tropical forest. As a highlight, experience the majesty of Dunn's River Falls, one of Jamaica's most magnificent natural treasures.

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