Honeymoon Registry for Cathy and Eric

Destination: Italy

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Cathy and Eric

Thanks for finding your way to our honeymoon registry. Even though we have only been dating six short years we have decided to go ahead and make it official. I know what most of you are thinking. Already? We know it's sudden but hey, there's no time like the present. Over the last six years we have acquired plenty of bath towels, fondu pots, and toasters. So we decided to register for something that we really want. We have been talking about going to Italy for over 10 years, and now are finally planning our trip for later this year. So we would appreciate any gift, large or small, that would help us get there. In the end, the only gift we really ask for is your love and support. Love to all, Cathy and Eric.

Italy Monterosso Al Mare, Italy Milan, Italy Venice, Italy
Plane tickets- $2,000 total

Plane tickets- $2,000 total


To kick off the trip, we'll make the thirteen hour journey from Denver to Milan.

Train tickets- $400 total

Train tickets- $400 total


Take a train from Milan to Venice for the first part of the trip.

Food- $1,000

Food- $1,000


One of the most exciting things about going to Italy is getting to try out all of the authentic Italian cuisine.

3 nights hotel in Venice- $600 total

3 nights hotel in Venice- $600 total


We'll stay in Venice the first 3 days, where we can travel on the canals, visit museums, and eat at local restaurants.

4 nights stay in Cinque Terre- $650

4 nights stay in Cinque Terre- $650


Cinque Terre is made up of five fishing villages surrounded by olive groves, vineyards, mountains, and ocean. We are hoping to spend the second half of our trip there!

What's a honeymoon registry?

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Why Wanderable?

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