Jimbaran Bay

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Jimbaran Bay

Jimbaran Bay

We'll be heading to the romantic yet local area of Jimbaran Bay, famed for its stunning beaches, vistas and fishing villages, which also, rather bizarrely, houses a Norwegian University, Gateway College, with around 500 students studying athletics, philosphy, culture, economics and journalism. We won't be visiting the Norwegians but shall be taking in the more local sights and sounds. We'll be staying overnight making sure to visit the cliff-side temple Uluwatu at sunset, followed by a grilled seafood dinner Menega Café, the best seafood hut on Jimbaran beach. If all goes well and we fall in love with the place perhaps we'll apply to "study" at the local college, perhaps Norway's universities are still free. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on what floats your boat) all the backpacker, lower-cost, affordable accommodation, with the exception of the Norwegian's students, have been driven out by vastly overpriced, super luxurious, uber-comfortable five-star resorts. Hence we'll be paying through the nose (reluctantly for Roy, though Shilpa is happy to miss the Aussie backpackers!) for this sojourn.

Location: Kuta, Indonesia
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