Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

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Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

There is a very cool monkey forest at the southern end of Monkey Forest Road. The tree clusters here are home to a troop of bad-tempered but photogenic primates that swing from branches, cannonball into pools, and do everything short of putting on suits and paying taxes, all to the general delight of photo-snapping visitors. There's a small temple in the forest, and the track also leads to Nyuhkuning, a village known for woodcarving. The forest contributes greatly to the livelihoods of the local community, providing a sustainable income from minimal negative-impact tourism.

We are hopeful that the visit to the monkeys will not result in any mishaps, specifically anything similar to the fate of Hanuman, who infatuated with a princess, went to his God Lord Vishnu, to make him look like Sri Vishnu, so that the princess would garland him at Swayamvara. But Vishnu instead bestowed him with the face of a monkey. Hopefully Roy shan't come looking for me and return with the face of a monkey.

Location: Indonesia
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