Silver Falls Ranch: Kauai Horsebackriding

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Silver Falls Ranch: Kauai Horsebackriding

Silver Falls Ranch: Kauai Horsebackriding

A leisurely sightseeing ride for two with a unique island destination: Silver Falls. Even the most avid horse lover will enjoy a break after time in the saddle; that's when your trusty mount delivers you to the cool refreshing mountain pool at Silver Falls. But first, there is a journey into Kauai's heartland, magnificent views of the Makaleha mountain range and a stroll through our tropical botanical preserve. After all this, you'll have worked up an appetite. Savor a delicious local picnic while relaxing in a palm-thatched hut. Teriyaki Chicken (or vegetarian Gardenburger by request), Steamed Rice, Chilled Tropical-Coleslaw, Macadamia Nut Shortbread and island fruit juices gives everybody a new burst of energy for the short ride home.

Location: Kauai County, Hawaii
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