Rainforest Wildlife Sanctuary Walk & Crab Feast

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Rainforest Wildlife Sanctuary Walk & Crab Feast

Rainforest Wildlife Sanctuary Walk & Crab Feast

Get a taste of what makes Alaska such an awesome place to visit all on one fascinating tour! Take a walk through the Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary with a knowledgeable guide for a chance to see salmon, black bears, reindeer, and bald eagles within a protected rainforest setting. Then sightsee to the rustic George Inlet Lodge for an all-you-can-eat crab feast.

This moderate half-day tour starts with a delightful coastal drive from charming Ketchikan to a private reserve located at scenic of Herring Cove. Upon arrival, you'll be greeted by your naturalist guide who will lead you on an informative walking tour that immerses you in the color green!

You'll be surrounded by towering spruce, hemlock and cedar trees, enchanted by dense fern, rhododendron, and huckleberry shrubs, and intrigued by the lush carpet of moss and trilliums that transform the forest floor into an enchanting miniature garden. With viewing areas strategically placed along the trail, you'll have ample opportunity to soak it all in. As the trail opens onto a protected estuary, you'll follow an elevated wooden boardwalk overlooking grassy wetlands and streams that are home to major salmon runs. During the spawning season bears and seals feed on salmon in Eagle Creek and bald eagles and other birds wait for scraps in the estuary. Sitka black tail deer, mink, marten and wolf also frequent the area, with seasonal ecosystem changes resulting in varying levels of wildlife activity. Your guide will keep a watchful eye to help you spot as many different animals as possible.

At the conclusion of your half-mile-long trail hike, however, you're guaranteed to see and feed reindeer and to get up close and personal with bald eagles at the Alaska Wildlife Foundation center. A raptor specialist is on hand to explain the heritage and habitat of America's national symbol.

Following these great photo opportunities, you will be guided through the historic Herring Bay Lumber Company saw mill, established by legendary pioneer Ben Fleenor. Observe a master Native totem pole carver at work. Explore the interpretive displays and enjoy complimentary refreshments while browsing in the General Store.
Later, enjoy the scenic drive to the rustic yet elegant George Inlet Lodge for a feast of fresh Dungeness crab! Rounding out the menu are baby red potatoes, fresh oriental salad and a scrumptious blueberry cheesecake dessert and it's all topped off with tall tales and a rowdy Crab Shell Stacking Competition.

The scenic return drive to your ship provides additional opportunities to soak up the scenic landscape and to learn intriguing details about the history, native culture and pristine habitat of picturesque Ketchikan.

Location: Ketchikan, Alaska
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