Kauai Plantation Railway

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Kauai Plantation Railway

Kauai Plantation Railway

On this incredible Hawaiian railway journey Kim and Pat will travel through dense tropical forest and past plantation era houses. Then they'll pull out into the working farm that is Kilohana Plantation. The conductor will guide them through more than 50 fruits and vegetables plants that are growing on the farm, including exotic varieties of pineapple, papaya, mango, and rambutan. The warm, clean scent of well turned earth and growing things will waft into the train and excite their palates! The train will then wind through fields and past taro patches to the first stop, the Farmyard. Here they'll be greeted by friendly various farm animals and will even get a chance to feed them some of the succulent produce the lands have to offer. To top off the railway experience, they'll get to take in a sample at the rum distillery on-site. Make it a double please!

Here you are enthusiastically greeted by herds of wild pigs, sheep, goats and the occasional horse or donkey.

You disembark to stretch your legs and soak up the peaceful farm atmosphere.

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