Luxury Honeymoon Registries For Your Brand.

Offer a gorgeous honeymoon registry.

Our Value To You

Position yourself as a premiere honeymoon destination.
Get couples to splurge at your property: the average luxury-oriented registry on Wanderable garners over $3,000 in contributions.
Exposure of your property and services to wedding guests who view the registry.
A curated list of the activities the couple has registered for and are interested in before their arrival.
Data from online registries on what services and activities are garnering the most interest amongst honeymooners.
No worries. Wanderable handles all registry customer service and transactions for you

Private label gift registry for your products and services.

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How It Works

1 Your Brand

We create a honeymoon registry website for your property which blends seamlessly with your current site and content. It's easy for couples to create a custom registry.

2 Your Services

The registry features all of your property's offerings for a couple to select experiences to register for, from a spa massage to a romantic dinner at your restaurant. Couples sign up through your property's website.

3 Guests Give Experiences

Wedding guests view the registry online and select the experiences of their choice to gift, and that gift translates into funds for the couple.

4 Couples Make Memories

The couple uses the contributions from the registry to help fund their stay and to splurge at your property. They'll have and share memorable experiences.


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