Megan & Mark

Welcome to our honeymoon registry
May 13 2017

Honeymoon Destination Japan

Location and honeymoon details go here. To preserve the privacy of the couple, we have removed details from this view.

Items on our Registry

Couples Massage
Fully gifted!

After all of these adventures, we'll relax and wind down with luxury massage treatments from a local spa, one of the best spas in Niseko.

Price: $300

Hope to literally move into one of these hot springs, cause Japan in February is cold!!

Tokyo, Japan

Fully gifted!

We will have to check out the local wild life!

Niseko, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

Sleep in a Buddha Temple
Fully gifted!

We will also absorb some culture and not just eat and drink the whole time!

Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Eat at a Restaurant ran by Robots!
Fully gifted!

Restaurants of the Future!!

Tokyo, Japan

Bizarre Restaurants
Quantity desired: 3 @ $150

Tokyo has many different and unique dining experiences and we would like to be able to experience tons of them!!

Tokyo, Japan

Mario Go-Kart!
Fully gifted!

Here we go! Toad always win!!

Tokyo, Japan

Samurai Sword Experience
Fully gifted!

Mark loves Samurai Swords and this looks pretty awesome!

Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Cat Cafe
Fully gifted!

The original and most awesome Cat Cafe!!

Bullet Train Tickets
Fully gifted!

We hope to travel by train around Japan to ride on the famous Bullet Train!

Lift tickets
Price: $240

Lift tickets let us go up the mountain without hiking. If we hiked up, Mark would probably end up carrying Megan's skis and make fun of her for being a princess for the rest of the trip, destroying our chance at marital bliss forever.

Visit the Fish Market
Fully gifted!

We love sushi! Tokyo has one of the world's premier fish markets. We'd like to get shown around by a local and learn how to bid on tuna.