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Itineraries for San Bernardino County, California honeymoons.

Honeymoon in Hawaii

Roberta and Jeff
Destination: Hawaii

Thank you for visiting our Honeymoon Registry. We do not want pots and pans because Roberta does not like to cook! :) We already have our place, which Roberta has fully decorated, with different wall colors and lots of paintings! Lucy (our dog) said she is not happy with th...
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CancĂșn, Mexico United States Kapolei, Hawaii Mexico Kauai County, Hawaii
Honeymoon in Bora Bora

Jen and Chad
Destination: Bora Bora

Thank you so much for visiting! As many of you know, we are a couple that loves and values experiences over material possessions. We have always dreamed of traveling to Bora Bora, and we can't think of a more romantic and perfect place to spend our honeymoon. It's a trip th...
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French Polynesia San Bernardino County, California
Honeymoon in Thailand

Whitney and Matthew
Destination: Thailand

Hello friends and family and welcome to our Honeymoon registry! We can't wait to be married and are equally excited about our trip to Thailand as husband and wife! We realize many of you would like to extend your well wishes through traditional gifts, but we have decided t...
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Thailand Mae Taeng District, Thailand San Bernardino County, California Thailand Bangkok, Thailand
Honeymoon in Thailand!

Christian and Cat
Destination: Thailand!

Hello and thanks so much for checking out our registry. We're really excited to plan this honeymoon to Thailand. We've both always wanted to go, and can't wait to experience it all together. If you have any suggestions of places or activities, we'd love to hear them!
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Thailand Hickman, Nebraska West Rounton, United Kingdom Eagle County, Colorado Red Bluff, California
Honeymoon in French Polynesia (Moorea and Bora Bora)

Ashley and Sam
Destination: French Polynesia (Moorea and Bora Bora)

Hello friends and family! We are so glad that you'll be celebrating our big day with us. We are fortunate to have our little home well established, so we have set up this registry to help us honeymoon in French Polynesia (without ending up totally broke.) Thanks for vis...
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French Polynesia Tiki Island, Texas San Bernardino County, California

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