Things to Do on Your Honeymoon in Salem, Massachusetts

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Honeymoon in Boston, MA

Ali and Justin
Destination: Boston, MA

Welcome to our honeymoon registry! We are very fortunate to have (almost) everything we need for our home. So we set up this site in hopes of taking our honeymoon experience up a notch, by allowing you to give us add-ons to our vacation! Help us kick our marriage off with a me...
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Boston, Massachusetts Salem, Massachusetts Cambridge, Massachusetts
Honeymoon in Southern California- San Diego and Los Angeles

Sara and Nicholas
Destination: Southern California- San Diego and Los Angeles

Welcome to our honeymoon registry! If you're not interested in this registry, there is a standard one on Amazon (copy and paste the link into your browser address bar): *** We've been visiting San Diego for the International Comic-Con for the last 2 years. Since we were ab...
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Los Angeles, California Kennebunkport, Maine Kissimmee, Florida Orlando, Florida Anaheim, California
Honeymoon in Vermont and Boston

Doug and Alison
Destination: Vermont and Boston

We are so excited to share this special time with you. Since we don't really need a fourth set of dishware in our new combined household, we thought this could be a fun way for you to celebrate with us. Our special honeymoon will start with a few days in Boston to explore th...
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Boston, Massachusetts Cambridge, Massachusetts Concord, California Hartford, Vermont United States
Honeymoon in Boston, MA

Audra and Adam
Destination: Boston, MA

Hello, thanks everyone for stopping by! Since Adam and Audra already have towels, dishware and a coffeemaker, they want something special for their wedding that they rarely get at home: quiet time just for the two of them. Boston and the surrounding area are rich in beauty and...
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Boston, Massachusetts Provincetown, Massachusetts Portland, Oregon Cambridge, Massachusetts Salem, Massachusetts
Honeymoon in Salem, Massachusetts

Ashley and Caitlin
Destination: Salem, Massachusetts

We know it's not traditional It's not the way it's done But instead of a wedding list We'd like a bit of sun. We've lived together quite a while And all the bills are paid We've got our plates, our pots and pans Our plans have all been made. So if you'd like to giv...
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Salem, Massachusetts Peabody, Massachusetts Boston, Massachusetts

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