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Itineraries for Wofford Heights, California honeymoons.

Honeymoon in Maldives

Janice and Patrick
Destination: Maldives

Dear Family and Friends, “It’s been a long time com­ing, This tying of the knot, And along the way, Most house­hold goods we’ve got. Should you feel inclined And want to know what we would wish for most We’re plan­ning out our hon­ey­moon, Along Maldives’ clear water...
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Maldives Wofford Heights, California Altadena, California Majheria, India
Honeymoon in Hawaii

Tiffany and Palani
Destination: Hawaii

Aloha kakou! We're so excited to be getting married, and for you all to join us!!! May can't come soon enough (except for much needed planning time, that is)! Come June, we hope to continue celebrating in Hawaii! To help us make this dream more realistic, we've decided t...
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Galveston, Texas Inland, Nebraska Ocean County, New Jersey Calumet Township, Michigan Pretoria Rural, South Africa
Honeymoon in South Pacific

Shannon and Corey
Destination: South Pacific

Hey guys! Thanks for visiting our registry page! We thought the best gift to us would be help with our honeymoon. We would love to adventure and dive in Guadalcanal and relax in Fiji. We love you all and thanks for making this time amazing for us!
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Houston, Texas Solomon Islands Solomon Islands Wofford Heights, California Fiji
Honeymoon in Venezuela

Marshell and Dell
Destination: Venezuela

Dell and Marshell have been together for some time now and already have an established home. That being said, they have tons of dishes and bed sets. They have chosen to only register their honeymoon. However, any gift or donation you decide on will be greatly appreciated.
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Venezuela Woods County, Oklahoma Cape Town, South Africa Paradise, Nevada Edmonton International Airport, Canada
Honeymoon in Hawaii

Jayme and Kile
Destination: Hawaii

Aloha!! First- we'd like to say thank you for being an amazing part of our lives. We're really looking forward to our wedding and are excited to share the day with you. Kile was sent to Hawaii on business last November and it really threw a wrench in our honeymoon plans....
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United States Kawela Bay, Hawaii Honolulu County, Hawaii New York, New York Hawaii County, Hawaii

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