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Honeymoon in Colombia!

Devon and Thomas
Destination: Colombia!

Hello and welcome to our honeymoon registry! As our close family and friends, you already know that the two of us love to travel. In the years since we met and fell in love, we've shared some of our fondest memories and enriching experiences in all kinds of exciting places aro...
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Bogota, Colombia Santa Marta, Colombia Colombia Cartagena, Colombia Miramar Beach, Florida
Honeymoon in Eurotrip January 2015--- Greece and Italy!

Alexa and Kyle
Destination: Eurotrip January 2015--- Greece and Italy!

Welcome to our honeymoon registry! We decided to create a registry because Kyle and I have most of the basic necessities a married couple starting out could want. This gives us the ability to do things we normally wouldn't be able to do such as take a trip to Europe to explore...
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Rome, Italy Capri, Italy Italy Italy Florence, Italy
Honeymoon in Greece & Italy

Erika and Tyler
Destination: Greece & Italy

Hello and thank you for visiting our honeymoon registry! The best memories we have together are from our travels and we intend to make this the pinnacle of all adventures. Love, Erika & Tyler
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Rome, Italy Greece Kamari, Greece Miramar Beach, Florida Italy
Honeymoon in

Cece and Robert

Welcome to our registry! Robert and I are busy planning away, and we are so looking forward to sharing our special day with you. It is going to be amazing and fun, and we couldn't think of any better way to celebrate our lives together than with our wonderful family and friend...
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Miramar Beach, Florida Decatur, Georgia United States Honeymoon, Canada Brasilia, Brazil
Honeymoon in Puerto Rico

Sarah and Ruben
Destination: Puerto Rico

Welcome to our honeymoon registry! We thought this would be a fun alternative to buying dishes. We look forward to the memories we will make because of you!
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Honduras Puerto Rico Bermuda Miramar Beach, Florida
Honeymoon in Portugal, Spain, Morocco, and Canary Islands

Miriam and Dennis
Destination: Portugal, Spain, Morocco, and Canary Islands

Welcome! Please join us in celebrating our big moment and in enjoying the sunshine and beach in Maui, Hawai'i. We are looking forward to seeing you at the beautiful island of Maui. The reason that we chose Maui as our wedding destination is to once again fulfill our dream and ...
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Spain Miramar Beach, Florida Morocco Spring Creek, Missouri Spain
Honeymoon in New Zealand

Lisa and Tom
Destination: New Zealand

We are extremely excited to spend two weeks exploring the South Island of New Zealand! We have many adventures planned to maximize our trip. We are incredibly fortunate to be able to take a honeymoon like this. Thank you for helping us make the most of this opportunity. It is ...
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New Zealand Greymouth, New Zealand Queenstown, New Zealand New Zealand Milford Sound, New Zealand
Honeymoon in anywhere

Amity and Minh
Destination: anywhere

Hello Friends and Family! There is no better gift than seeing your smiles on our special day. We are blessed to have a beautiful home and need very little. We are excited to register for a lifetime of memories as we plan our honeymoon. Thank you in advance for your generosi...
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Hong Kong Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Japan Egypt Miramar Beach, Florida

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