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Honeymoon in Mediterranean Cruise

Katie and Brian
Destination: Mediterranean Cruise

Friends and family, welcome to our honeymoon registry! We are splurging and going on a once in a lifetime trip that we know we would never normally take and would be so grateful for any contributions you are willing to make to make it even more memorable! Thank you all for sh...
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Brooklyn, New York Miami, Florida Turkey Istanbul, Turkey Rome, Italy
Honeymoon in Greece,Rome and London

Claudia and Karl
Destination: Greece,Rome and London

We are so delighted that you will be sharing this special day with us. Your gift will truly be appreciated and will help us towards our Dream Honeymoon. This honeymoon will be an unforgettable experience and will be embedded in our memories for the rest of our lives.
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London, United Kingdom Coral Gables, Florida Greece Dubrovnik, Croatia Athens, Greece
Honeymoon in Southeast Asian and India

Kristi and Yorke
Destination: Southeast Asian and India

Welcome to our Honeymoon Registry! We cannot wait to visit India, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand & Vietnam in the fall of 2014!
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India Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Cambodia Vietnam Miami, Florida
Honeymoon in Road Trip!

Erica and Ryan
Destination: Road Trip!

Thank you all for visiting our registry! Thanks for helping us make some of our dreams come true!
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Shoals, Indiana Miami, Florida
Honeymoon in Europe

Adria and David
Destination: Europe

Hello family and friends! Thank you so much for being a part of our lives and joining us to celebrate our wedding and marriage. We feel so lucky to have such wonderful family & friends who are able to celebrate with us and that is ultimately a gift for us. In lieu of a...
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Vietnam Venice, Italy Barcelona, Spain Italy Dubrovnik, Croatia
Honeymoon in Key West, Florida

Lorrie and Lauren
Destination: Key West, Florida

Lauren last visited Florida when she was nine years old. Lorrie has visited a little more recently. For both of us, this is an ideal destination providing: sun, sea, abundant wildlife and bird watching , beaches and kayaking. To say nothing of the romantic Floridian custom...
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Key West, Florida Miami, Florida Lee County, Florida Sanibel, Florida Port Angeles, Washington
Honeymoon in Antigua

Camile and Paul
Destination: Antigua

Hi friends and family, and welcome to our honeymoon registry! Three days after our wedding we are heading off to the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua for a stay at the all-inclusive Sandals Resort. We've set up this registry for those who would like to contribute to our f...
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Antigua And Barbuda Miami, Florida Saint John's, Antigua And Barbuda
Honeymoon in Caribbean

Jenna and Jeremy
Destination: Caribbean

Hello family and friends! Welcome to our honeymoon site. Thanks for visiting and contributing to our fund, we're so excited about putting together a fun and romantic Caribbean getaway for our honeymoon!
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Winfield, Kansas Us Virgin Islands Miami, Florida Barbados Sint Maarten
Honeymoon in London & Paris

Crystal and Ben
Destination: London & Paris

Thank you for visiting our registry. Due to distance from our families and limited funds we have decided to live a dream instead of spending all our savings on a big day. We have always wanted to travel in the five years we've spent together and exploring the history and archi...
See the itinerary in this honeymoon registry.

Minet El Hosn, Lebanon London, United Kingdom Paris, France Miami, Florida

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