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Honeymoon in Maui

Holly and Bryant
Destination: Maui

Thank you for stopping by our honeymoon registry! Although we were not initially planning a real honeymoon, Bryant was miraculously able to get the full week off following the wedding, so we are now plotting a 5 day escape to Maui. It is not too far from LA and will be a great...
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Maui County, Hawaii Cabo San Lucas, Mexico San José Del Cabo, Mexico Kaanapali, Hawaii Makawao, Hawaii
Honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii

Marissa and Jonathan
Destination: Maui, Hawaii

Hello friends! Jon and I are finally tying the knot. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we thought long and hard about honeymoon locations, but finally decided on a trip to Maui, Hawaii. Marissa visited Oahu in 2000 and loved it, while Jonathan has never been to any of the...
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Maui County, Hawaii Paia, Hawaii Fresno, California Kihei, Hawaii Lahaina, Hawaii
Honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii

Stevi and Kevin
Destination: Maui, Hawaii

Hello Everyone!!! Thank you for being a part of our special day and most importantly a part of our lives. We appreciate you taking the time to help make our honeymoon special.
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Maui County, Hawaii Wailea Makena, Hawaii Kahului, Hawaii Lahaina, Hawaii Kihei, Hawaii
Honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii

Katie and Robert
Destination: Maui, Hawaii

Welcome to our Honeymoon Registry! For our Honeymoon, we plan on going to our favorite spot on Ka'anapali Beach to lay under the sun, snorkel, mountain bike, site see, and drink lots of mai tai's!! If you would like to chip in a few bucks toward our trip, please do so. Note: Y...
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Maui County, Hawaii Kaanapali, Hawaii Kahului, Hawaii Lahaina, Hawaii Haiku, Hawaii
Honeymoon in Maui & Kauai, Hawaii

Esther and John
Destination: Maui & Kauai, Hawaii

Hi Everyone! When we were trying to decide where to register, we heard about this site and thought it would be a fun way to get our guests involved with our honeymoon planning! Not only will we be beginning our married lives together on one of the most beautiful islands in...
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United States Kauai County, Hawaii Maui County, Hawaii San Diego, California Kahului, Hawaii
Honeymoon in Multiple Countries

Joanna and Sam
Destination: Multiple Countries

Dear Friends & Family, We're waiting to have our real honeymoon in 2014 when all the wedding craziness is well behind us. However, after our wedding in Kauai, we will be going to Maui for 5 days to unwind & relax (post wedding R&R). As an alternative to our regular registr...
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Kaanapali, Hawaii Koloa, Hawaii Kahului, Hawaii Maui County, Hawaii Kauai County, Hawaii
Honeymoon in Hawaiian Islands

Ashley and Chad
Destination: Hawaiian Islands

Chad and Ashley are excited to head to Hawaii for their honeymoon! Ashley has only been there once over a decade ago, and Chad has never been- so they look forward to exploring new tropical territory together! Chad and Ashley will spend their time between a couple islands (...
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Kahului, Hawaii San Francisco, California Deer Isle, Maine
Honeymoon in Hawaii

Tina and Olivier
Destination: Hawaii

Dear family and friends, Thanks for stopping by. We would like to spend our honeymoon this fall in Hawaii. With your help, we can make it truly special. Tina & Olivier
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United States Paauilo, Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii Kahului, Hawaii Hāna, Hawaii

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