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Honeymoon in Saint Lucia

Stephanie and Patrick
Destination: Saint Lucia

Thank you for visiting out wedding registry! We are so excited to share the celebration of our love with you, our close family and friends. Contributions to our honeymoon fund would be a perfect wedding gift for us. Not only will we be forever grateful, but you will be a p...
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Saint Lucia Portland, Oregon United Arab Emirates Houston, Texas
Honeymoon in Dubai, Kenya, Zanzibar, and Seychelles

Alexandria and Brandon
Destination: Dubai, Kenya, Zanzibar, and Seychelles

Hi Family and Friends, Thanks so much for visiting our honeymoon registry! Since we don't have much room or need for any traditional registry items and want to focus on creating new memories and experiences as a newly married couple we ask that you please gift us some of ou...
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates Nairobi, Kenya Kenya Samburu, Kenya
Honeymoon in New Zealand

Nicole and Adrian
Destination: New Zealand

Thanks for visiting our Wedding Registry! For guests wishing to give a gift, we've pulled together a list of activities we plan on getting up to on our honeymoon. Looking forward to celebrating our wedding with you!
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New Zealand Malta Mdina, Malta Dubai, United Arab Emirates Greymouth, New Zealand
Honeymoon in Sri Lanka & the Maldives

Sarah and Antoine
Destination: Sri Lanka & the Maldives

Welcome to our dream honeymoon registry! Our tiny San Francisco apartment can't accommodate much more, but our passports have tons of blank pages itching to be stamped. We wanted to take the trip of our lifetimes to kickstart our new adventure together as a married couple, and...
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Maldives Colombo, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Sigiriya, Sri Lanka Dambulla, Sri Lanka
Honeymoon in South Male Atoll, Maldives

Amanda and Matt
Destination: South Male Atoll, Maldives

Welcome to our honeymoon registry! We're glad you've stopped by. Matt and I have a lot of things in common including our love for Led Zeppelin, brunch, and the Washington Capitals, but the one thing we love more than all of those things is the beach. Hanging out on the beac...
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Kaafu Atoll, Maldives United States Maldives Petaluma, California Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Honeymoon in Thailand, China

Shannon and John
Destination: Thailand, China

we love you! welcome to our honeymoon registry site. we feel blessed to have each other and all the material possessions we could ever want, more than we want actually. so we have decided to be a little unconventional with this honeymoon registry. instead of registering at ...
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Thailand Lahaina, Hawaii Maui County, Hawaii Bangkok, Thailand Thailand
Honeymoon in The Mediterranean: Spain, France, and Italy

Ruth and Christian
Destination: The Mediterranean: Spain, France, and Italy

Welcome to our Honeymoon Registry! We're heading to the Mediterranean for a month and have lots planned :-)
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San Sebastián, Spain Dubai, United Arab Emirates Spain Barcelona, Spain Madrid, Spain
Honeymoon in Around the World in 60 Days

Angela and Luis
Destination: Around the World in 60 Days

Welcome to Angela and Luis's "Around the World" Honeymoon Registry. As many of you know, Angela and Luis love to experience new places and have dreamed of traveling the world together for many years. In 2015, they are planning an 8-week, 5-continent, 15-city tour around the gl...
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates New Delhi, India Japan Moscow, Russia Beijing, China

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