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Honeymoon in Tanzania Africa

Stacey and Carl
Destination: Tanzania Africa

Hello Family and Friends, We are honored to have you share in our special day! We look forward to chatting, eating, drinking and dancing with each one of you. We are fortunate enough to already have a home, and in the combining of our lives, our home has most things we ...
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Tanzania Ngorongoro, Tanzania Rombo, Tanzania Serengeti, Tanzania Karatu, Tanzania
Honeymoon in African Safari: Tanzania & Zanzibar!

John and Michelle
Destination: African Safari: Tanzania & Zanzibar!

While we equally appreciate gifts of all kinds, we would greatly appreciate you helping us to fund our dream honeymoon vacation!
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Zanzibar, Tanzania Tanzania Zanzibar Town, Tanzania Uroa, Tanzania Tanzania
Honeymoon in Tanzania

Nagisa and Jason
Destination: Tanzania

Thank you for those who made it to the event and to those who wanted to and couldn't but sent us warm regards! We had a lot of people ask us about gift registries. While we appreciate this a lot, we really can't fit any more things in our apartment (30 something years of stu...
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Tanzania Tanzania Ngorongoro, Tanzania Serengeti, Tanzania Istanbul, Turkey
Honeymoon in Tanzania

Saira and Addison
Destination: Tanzania

Hello! Thanks for visiting. By now you've probably guessed we love to travel. We are particularly excited about our honeymoon because it will be the first time either of us has left the country since we started our jobs! We are really excited about Tanzania. Not only ...
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Tanzania Serengeti, Tanzania Zanzibar Town, Tanzania Matemwe, Tanzania Arusha, Tanzania
Honeymoon in Zanzibar, East Africa

Shannon and Chase
Destination: Zanzibar, East Africa

There's two things you probably already know about us. For one, we're absolutely blessed to have more than we need. We're also both adventurers at heart. We'll likely spend most of our lives packing everything up and shipping it off to a new adventure in some wild corner of th...
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Zanzibar, Tanzania
Honeymoon in South Africa & Tanzania

Christina and Amber
Destination: South Africa & Tanzania

Dear friends and family, Thank you for visiting our honeymoon registry. We decided on a travel registry, rather than a traditional registry, because we’re already fully settled into our home. We’ve been looking forward to a trip to Africa for many years now, and decided it ...
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Tanzania Ngorongoro, Tanzania Johannesburg, South Africa Cape Town, South Africa Kruger Park, South Africa
Honeymoon in Kenya & Tanzania

Samantha and Mark
Destination: Kenya & Tanzania

Hello, Thank you for contributing to our honeymoon! With appreciation, Samantha & Mark
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Honeymoon in Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa

Kristina and Dylan
Destination: Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa

Welcome to our honeymoon registry. We're looking forward to our once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon in Tanzania. Thank you for making it possible!
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Zanzibar, Tanzania Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania Tanzania New York, New York Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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