Things to Do on Your Honeymoon in Bled, Slovenia

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Itineraries for Bled, Slovenia honeymoons.

Honeymoon in Central and Eastern Europe

Joanna and Dan
Destination: Central and Eastern Europe

Thank you for visiting our honeymoon registry! We are both avid travelers, but prefer an active holiday to a relaxed one. We are excited to spend our honeymoon exploring 4-5 countries we've never been to in the former Eastern bloc.
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Sibiu, Romania Split, Croatia Dubrovnik, Croatia Ukanc, Slovenia Oswiecim, Poland
Honeymoon in Croatia & The Adriatic Coast

Jean and Nathan
Destination: Croatia & The Adriatic Coast

Hello and thanks for visiting our honeymoon registry page! Since our mutual love of travel helped bring us together in the first place, there could not be a better gift for us than the gift of travel. We are planning a 3 week honeymoon in Eastern Europe including Croatia and ...
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Dubrovnik, Croatia Bled, Slovenia Montenegro Ljubljana, Slovenia Venice, Italy
Honeymoon in Italy, Slovenia, Vienna, and Budapest

Rae and Adam
Destination: Italy, Slovenia, Vienna, and Budapest

Hey everyone! Welcome to our silly registry! Not to far too fall too far into the pits of cheesiness, but there's something beyond great about having the chance to build our first amazing memories as a married couple with the support and love of our families and friends. ...
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Budapest, Hungary Slovenia Ljubljana, Slovenia Venice, Italy Bled, Slovenia
Honeymoon in Europe

Jessica and Andrew
Destination: Europe

We're getting married! Help us start our happily-ever-after by contributing to the honeymoon of our dreams! Rough outline of our trip: ***
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Bled, Slovenia Riomaggiore, Italy Venice, Italy Innsbruck, Austria Dubrovnik, Croatia
Honeymoon in Southeastern Europe

Katie and Allan
Destination: Southeastern Europe

Welcome to our honeymoon page! We are so excited to get married and to share an adventure together in Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Turkey! Thanks so much for helping us embark on an unforgettable first trip as husband and wife.
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Istanbul, Turkey Ljubljana, Slovenia Dubrovnik, Croatia Zagreb, Croatia Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

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