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Honeymoon in Los Angeles

Freda and Michael
Destination: Los Angeles

Hi Everyone! The big day is coming soon and we're really excited. We really appreciate those of you who will be traveling to be with us. Since we are blessed with every essential a newly weds would need, we hope you'll find this registry can make our honeymoon come true. We ...
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Copenhagen, Denmark Oslo, Norway Gudvangen, Norway Bergen, Norway Norway
Honeymoon in Norway, Sweden, Estonia & Latvia

Heather and Damien
Destination: Norway, Sweden, Estonia & Latvia

Welcome family! We are so excited to celebrate with you all this June! We thank you so much for holding a place for us in your lives; we know that we couldn't make this commitment to each other without the love and support we receive from each of you. Thank you. In our fiv...
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Tallinn, Estonia Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden Bergen, Norway Oslo, Norway
Honeymoon in Norway

Kira and Min
Destination: Norway

We are privileged to have all that we really need in our home, so if you'd rather provide the gift of an experience than a physical gift, this is the place for you... Our plan is to travel through Norway during the summer of 2015, and we'll send you a thank-you post card fro...
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Trondheim, Norway Oslo, Norway Alesund, Norway Bergen, Norway Norway
Honeymoon in Norway (and a kitchen in Kissimmee)

Christina and Ryan
Destination: Norway (and a kitchen in Kissimmee)

This handy gift-giving option allows you to contribute to the couple's planned purchase of everything from new household appliances to Norwegian honeymoon experiences. Whatever you choose – from fridge to fjord – your kindness is greatly appreciated.
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Norway Bergen, Norway Oslo, Norway
Honeymoon in Scandanavia

Rachel and Josh
Destination: Scandanavia

Thank you for sharing our special day with us. Since we have a tiny apartment and already have most the housewares we need, most of our registry will go towards our honeymoon. We are spending 18 days in Scandanavia, split between Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.
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Stockholm, Sweden Sweden Gothenburg, Sweden Oslo, Norway Helsinki, Finland
Honeymoon in Europe

Michelle and Dean
Destination: Europe

We appreciate any contributions but we of course don't expect our entire trip to be paid for! The most important thing to us is the love and support you have already given. As an alternative there are also nesting-related gifts* further down the list if you feel more comfor...
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Lyon, France Miramar Beach, Florida Bergen, Norway Manchester, United Kingdom Gan, Norway
Honeymoon in Arctic Circle

Kelly and Kris
Destination: Arctic Circle

Welcome to our honeymoon registry! We are super excited about our first long vacation as a couple. We wanted to find some place fun and unique, and when we stumbled across the cruise to the Arctic Circle, we just couldn't say no! We'll see polar bears, puffins, reindeer, and ...
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Spring Lake, North Carolina Molde, Norway Norway Longyearbyen, Svalbard And Jan Mayen Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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