Things to Do on Your Honeymoon in Sorrento Peninsula, Italy

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Itineraries for Sorrento Peninsula, Italy honeymoons.

Honeymoon in Italy

Janny and JJ
Destination: Italy

Welcome to our honeymoon registry! We know this isn't a traditional registry, but since we have most of the household items we need, we wanted an option that reflected our love of travel and included our loved ones in the planning of our honeymoon adventures. You can see what ...
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Italy Italy Venice, Italy Rome, Italy Amalfi, Italy
Honeymoon in Italy

Elena and Jon
Destination: Italy

To all our friends and family, As many of you know, we have been living together for several years and have just about everything we need for our home. So instead of a traditional wedding registry, we were hoping to receive donations for our honeymoon fund. We are excit...
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Italy Florence, Italy Rome, Italy Capri, Italy San Gimignano, Italy
Honeymoon in Italy 2014!

Lora and Stephen
Destination: Italy 2014!

Instead of towels or dishes, we ask for warm wishes. Good advice we will heed, but please donate to those more in need. If you still would like to give us something for our new home, check out this registery and send us to Rome!
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Italy Palermo, Italy Italy Florence, Italy Venice, Italy
Honeymoon in Amalfi Coast, Spain, Basque Country, Paris

Aileen and Sam
Destination: Amalfi Coast, Spain, Basque Country, Paris

Dearest friends and family, Your presence at our wedding is gift enough but if you do wish to buy us something, a contribution towards our dream European honeymoon would be appreciated. We will be returning to a very small New York City apartment and have much more room fo...
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Paris, France Capri, Italy Sorrento Peninsula, Italy Barcelona, Spain Bilbao, Spain
Honeymoon in Romance and Adventure in Italy

Susan and John
Destination: Romance and Adventure in Italy

Rome if you want to......We've always wanted to go to Italy together - thank you for helping make it possible - we're so grateful!! We'll carry you in our hearts on our travels.
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Italy Amalfi, Italy Sorrento Peninsula, Italy Capraia, Italy Rome, Italy
Honeymoon in Mediterranean Cruise & Italy

Evgenia and Patrick
Destination: Mediterranean Cruise & Italy

Thank you for visiting our honeymoon registry! We have created this page as an alternative to our traditional registry at Bed Bath & Beyond. Anyone who wants to gift a special part of the honeymoon, or a portion of a particular experience, excursion, or other activity can use ...
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Milan, Italy Florence, Italy Sorrento Peninsula, Italy Rome, Italy Venice, Italy

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