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Honeymoon in Europe

Jennifer and Andrew
Destination: Europe

Dear friends and family-- Welcome to our wedding/honeymoon registry website. We are so excited to spend our Honeymoon together in Europe! We plan to visit the cities of London, Paris, and Rome. Thank you for helping make our Honeymoon dreams come true!
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London, United Kingdom Vatican City Stamford Bridge, United Kingdom Prague, Czech Republic Paris, France
Honeymoon in Europe

Ann and Jonathan
Destination: Europe

Welcome to our wedding registry. These are some ideas for adventures to be had, and memories to be made, during our honeymoon. -Jon & Ann
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Paris, France Vienna, Austria Rome, Italy Berlin, Germany Ingolstadt, Germany
Honeymoon in Europe

Yahanna and Pedro
Destination: Europe

Hello Family and Friends, Welcome to our honeymoon registry! As you may know, we are hoping to travel to Europe and visit some of the major cities including London, Paris, Nice, Barcelona, Madrid, Florence, Rome, Venice, Munchen, and Berlin! We have never been to Europe an...
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Versailles, France Rome, Italy Florence, Italy Nice, France Schwangau, Germany
Honeymoon in Paris, Amsterdam, and London

Lindsay and Joelle
Destination: Paris, Amsterdam, and London

We can't wait to explore Europe together! This will be Joelle's first time in Europe and Lindsay's first time in Berlin and Amsterdam! Our plan is to take the trip in last spring 2015 because then we will have more time to plan. Thank you everyone for your love and support!
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London, United Kingdom Berlin, Germany Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Honeymoon in Iceland

Maya and Joseph
Destination: Iceland

Hi! Welcome to our honeymoon registry. We're moving to the Caribbean in July so we want to hit the opposite latitude and go to Iceland. Iceland will give us a chance to explore geothermic hot springs, volcanoes, the North Sea, glaciers, and see the midnight sun!
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Reykjavik, Iceland Berlin, Germany Stokkseyri, Iceland
Honeymoon in New Zealand

Bettina and Eric
Destination: New Zealand

As you probably know, we love to travel - heck, we even met on a bus. For our registry we could only think of one thing that we really wanted (well, other than an Xbox for the groom and pig for the bride) - to go back to where it all started, New Zealand. We laughed, we cried,...
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New Zealand Berlin, Germany
Honeymoon in Europe - Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland

Amanda and Jared
Destination: Europe - Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland

Welcome friends and family! We are using this website as a way to directly support our honeymoon euro-trip. Take a look around and see if there are any gifts you would like to give for our trip. :)
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Germany Munich, Germany Zurich, Switzerland Prague, Czech Republic Berlin, Germany
Honeymoon in Europe

Lindsay and James
Destination: Europe

Hey friends! Thanks for checking out our site. James and I are hoping to take a two-week honeymoon to Europe in Spring/Summer 2014. We would like to visit Greece, Spain, France and Germany and have included a few activities we are hoping to do during our trip. Looking f...
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Paris, France Berlin, Germany Toledo, Spain Madrid, Spain Greece
Honeymoon in Portugal, Spain, & Morocco

Beth and Christopher
Destination: Portugal, Spain, & Morocco

We are planning an exciting honeymoon to Portugal, Spain and Morocco! While your gift is not necessary, if you choose to contribute to our honeymoon, we would be very grateful! We'll be spending a couple of weeks doing a tour of Portugal, Spain and Morocco. Our vacati...
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Morocco Madrid, Spain Dresden, Germany Berlin, Germany Hamburg, Germany
Honeymoon in Europe

Liz and Luis
Destination: Europe

Welcome to our honeymoon registry! Plans are changing and we're taking our honeymoon in JUNE not APRIL. The countries might change but the idea and activities will be the same!
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Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain Barcelona, Spain United States Oshkosh, Wisconsin Clisson, France

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