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Honeymoon in Backpacking & Camping Through Europe

Kelly and Jeric
Destination: Backpacking & Camping Through Europe

Hello! Thanks for visiting our registry. We have most everything we could ever want at home but we've never been to Europe together. We're so thankful you're helping us have a dream honeymoon!
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Prague, Czech Republic
Honeymoon in Traveling around Europe

Genyne and Jeremy
Destination: Traveling around Europe

Welcome. Thank you for coming to this page. We are very excited to be getting married on July 18th and even more excited to be leaving for our honeymoon the following afternoon. For those wondering what we will be doing, there is a lot more information below, but in a nutshell...
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Prague, Czech Republic Ljubljana, Slovenia Manarola, Italy Venice, Italy Monaco, Monaco
Honeymoon in Czech Republic, Austria, Poland

Nadia and Shane
Destination: Czech Republic, Austria, Poland

Hi Everyone! Thanks for visiting our honeymoon registry! We have decided not to register for worldly goods and have instead opted to register only for an unforgettable honeymoon. We are planning to spend it exploring the Czech Republic, Austria, and Poland next September fo...
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Prague, Czech Republic Vienna, Austria Poland Mikulov, Czech Republic Czech Republic
Honeymoon in Europe

Elyse and Jamison
Destination: Europe

HI Friends and Family, While this is technically a Honeymoon registry site Elyse and I realized that there isn't really much in the way of traditional gifts that we need. We have been building up our household supplies apart and together for years now and we thought that it...
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Budapest, Hungary Barcelona, Spain Athens, Greece Istanbul, Turkey Kastrup, Denmark
Honeymoon in Barcelona to Marrakech

Rebecca and Jiří
Destination: Barcelona to Marrakech

Greetings Family and Friends! Welcome to our honeymoon registry. Thank you for contributing towards some wonderful honeymoon experiences that will blossom into beautiful memories for years to come. We promise to share the photos with you!
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Barcelona, Spain Marrakesh, Morocco Madrid, Spain Spain Rabat, Morocco
Honeymoon in Tahiti, Moorea, & Bora Bora

Jessica and Brian
Destination: Tahiti, Moorea, & Bora Bora

Brian and I have NEVER gone on any trips together - all we do is work. Since we're both workaholics, we would like to make our very first vacation memorable and amazing. We picked Bora Bora and Moorea in French Polynesia as our honeymoon location because it has one of the co...
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French Polynesia Prague, Czech Republic Tiki Island, Texas Matsuyama, Japan Abhar County, Iran
Honeymoon in Morocco

Shawna and Ally
Destination: Morocco

Welcome to our honeymoon registry! As most of you already know, we are travelers at heart... we met traveling and would happily do it for the rest of our lives if we could! Since we are more experience people than possession collectors, a registry full of contributions to expe...
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Morocco Ahlat, Turkey Paris, France United Kingdom London, United Kingdom
Honeymoon in Croatia & The Adriatic Coast

Jean and Nathan
Destination: Croatia & The Adriatic Coast

Hello and thanks for visiting our honeymoon registry page! Since our mutual love of travel helped bring us together in the first place, there could not be a better gift for us than the gift of travel. We are planning a 3 week honeymoon in Eastern Europe including Croatia and ...
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Dubrovnik, Croatia Bled, Slovenia Montenegro Ljubljana, Slovenia Venice, Italy
Honeymoon in Europe!

Mark and Eden
Destination: Europe!

Our dream has always been to travel Europe together and now is the perfect time (aside from school and work!) and we would really love if you would be a part of our honeymoon by contributing to whatever endeavor you find most exciting! We already have many of the things that t...
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Prague, Czech Republic

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