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Honeymoon in Chile

Kate and Mike
Destination: Chile

Welcome to our registry! We are fortunate to have all of the household items that we deem needed for basic, nomadic living (waffle makers, coffee frothers, bocce ball sets). To celebrate our wedding, we plan to gift one another something unforgettable in the spirit of the ...
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Chile Santiago, Chile Natales, Chile
Honeymoon in Chile

Melissa and Marc
Destination: Chile

We're psyched that you can take part in our Rock 'N' Roll Wedding Tour. We're taking some time after all the parties and then escaping this December down to Chile to celebrate our Honeymoon!
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Chile Santiago, Chile
Honeymoon in We're off to see the world!

Jennifer and Errol
Destination: We're off to see the world!

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting our registry and for your involvement in our (long-overdue) celebration in Hawaii. We had some discomfort even adding this registry, given we are planning a destination wedding, but for those willing, we would love your involvement in our...
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Santiago, Chile Los Angeles, California India Udaipur, India Uruguay
Honeymoon in Around the World in 60 Days

Angela and Luis
Destination: Around the World in 60 Days

Welcome to Angela and Luis's "Around the World" Honeymoon Registry. As many of you know, Angela and Luis love to experience new places and have dreamed of traveling the world together for many years. In 2015, they are planning an 8-week, 5-continent, 15-city tour around the gl...
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates New Delhi, India Japan Moscow, Russia Beijing, China
Honeymoon in Chile

Anna and Donald
Destination: Chile

Hello family and friends, Welcome to our honeymoon registry! We will be traveling to Santiago, Vina del Mar, and Patagonia in Chile for ten days after our wedding. We have a number of fun, exciting, and delicious things planned for our trip. We cannot wait to share all the...
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Chile Natales, Chile ViƱa Del Mar, Chile Santiago, Chile
Honeymoon in South America

Lisa and Rick
Destination: South America

Hola amigos! The great thing about getting married "later in life" is that we both already have plenty of the essential things that make a happy home. The gifts we tend to give each other are art and experiences (even research shows experiential purchases tend to make people h...
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Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay Colombia Peru
Honeymoon in Chile

Ashley and Erik
Destination: Chile

Hello to all of our wonderful friends and family! We are very excited to share our wedding day with you all. We will celebrate our life long commitment to each other with a challenging and exciting trip to Chile! We have heard that, when two get married, they are showered wit...
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Chile Isla De Pascua, Chile United Arab Emirates Santiago, Chile
Honeymoon in Chile

Monika and Gary
Destination: Chile

Thank you for sharing our love! Your company is all we desire, while we celebrate our vows. For those that do wish to give us a gift, we have some options here.
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Chile Santiago, Chile Natales, Chile Punta Arenas, Chile

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