Things to Do on Your Honeymoon in Canada

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Itineraries for Canada honeymoons.

Honeymoon in Victoria B.C.

Brittany and Trifon
Destination: Victoria B.C.

Victoria, Canada
Honeymoon in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Stephanie and John
Destination: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal, Canada
Honeymoon in Kingsburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

Erin and Mathieu
Destination: Kingsburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

Welcome to our registry! Thank you so much for visiting, and for all the ways you support our love for one another. We are so extremely excited to celebrate with you! For our registry, we've decided to go slightly non-traditional in order to genuinely reflect our life toget...
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Kingsburg, Canada Winfield, Kansas Lunenburg, Canada Liverpool, Canada Owen Sound, Canada
Honeymoon in Victoria, B.C.

Erin and Paul
Destination: Victoria, B.C.

Thank you for being a part of our wedding, whether you are joining us for the ceremony and reception or are celebrating with us in spirit. We can't wait to be married and continue our lives together in this new way. We're going to Victoria, B.C. two weeks after the wedding for...
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Victoria, Canada Canada
Honeymoon in Fraser River Lodge

Kahe and Josh
Destination: Fraser River Lodge

Josh and Kahe are getting hitched! We are excited to take off our snow jackets and play on the beach!
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Valemount, Canada Indonesia
Honeymoon in British Columbia

Whitney and Casey
Destination: British Columbia

We are so honored to have you as a part of our special day! Welcome to our online registry! The plan is to say "I do," party all night, then enjoy our first day as newlyweds with our wonderful friends and family! Honeymoon starts bright and early Sunday morning. Flight to Van...
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Canada Vancouver, Canada Harrison Hot Springs, Canada Manteca, California Fraser Valley, Canada
Honeymoon in Tofino, BC, Canada

Samantha and Matthew
Destination: Tofino, BC, Canada

Welcome to our Honeymoon Registry and thank you for helping us have a dream vacation!
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Tofino, Canada Alberni Clayoquot C, Canada
Honeymoon in The San Juans, Victoria, and Vancouver BC

Megan and Alex
Destination: The San Juans, Victoria, and Vancouver BC

For our honeymoon, we're going to be trekking up north! Help us have a memorable time whale watching, getting fancy tea, and eating wonderful vegetarian meals.
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Saanich, Canada Vancouver, Canada Portland, Oregon Victoria, Canada Friday Harbor, Washington

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