Things to Do on Your Honeymoon in Brentwood Bay, Canada

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Honeymoon in Victoria, BC, Canada

Jamie and Mike
Destination: Victoria, BC, Canada

Thank you for helping make this experience truly memorable! We'll get to experience a full week in Victoria together, filled with plenty of truly great moments, all thanks to your help.
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Victoria, Canada Ireland Brentwood Bay, Canada
Honeymoon in Victoria, B.C., Canada

Bobbi and Chris
Destination: Victoria, B.C., Canada

Welcome, dear guests, to our registry! We've got towels and tupperware coming out of our ears so instead we ask that you help us have a really awesome honeymoon. We're headed up north to Victoria, B.C. to take in the sights and hang out with friendly Canadians. If you feel so ...
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Victoria, Canada Brentwood Bay, Canada
Honeymoon in Pacific Northwest

Heather and Thayer
Destination: Pacific Northwest

After spending a lot of time outside of the United States on our round the world trip, we wanted to spend our honeymoon seeing some sights a little closer to home. We've decided to visit the Pacific Northwest, an area we've both been excited to explore for quite some time. D...
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Pacific County, Washington San Juan County, Washington Brentwood Bay, Canada Seattle, Washington Port Angeles, Washington

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