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Honeymoon in Belize!

Carly and Ryan
Destination: Belize!

Thank you for checking out our honeymoon registry! We are looking forward to two weeks of adventure in Belize. We plan to snorkel, kayak, swim, and bike our way around the mainland and islands of Belize, and would be thankful for your help on our adventure. While your gift is ...
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Belize Orange Walk, Belize Belize City, Belize
Honeymoon in Belize

Deborah and Will
Destination: Belize

Welcome! We're so excited that you'll be able to join in our celebration. We think you're pretty cool. You may be unfamiliar with Wanderable -- the gift through Wanderable goes into a honeymoon fund, rather than toward one of the hotels, restaurants, or vendors. So, even if...
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Belize San Pedro, Belize Tikal, Guatemala Belize City, Belize Belize
Honeymoon in Belize

Kimberly and Dennis
Destination: Belize

Welcome to our Honeymoon Registry. We know that some of our guests are looking for gift ideas, but please remember that your love and support is the best gift we could ask for! We are grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people, and we cannot wait to celebrate with our...
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Belize Belize Belize City, Belize Belize San Diego, California
Honeymoon in Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas, Western Caribbean

Jessica and Edward
Destination: Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas, Western Caribbean

Welcome, family and friends! Eddie and Jessy are so excited to be getting married and to go on their dream honeymoon, a 5-day cruise through the Western Caribbean on the Royal Caribbean ship Liberty of the Seas!
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Cape Town, South Africa Fort Lauderdale, Florida Belize City, Belize Mexico
Honeymoon in Belize

Cindy and Guido
Destination: Belize

Since we’ve lived together for nearly seven years, we really don’t need much in the way of traditional wedding gifts, so we thought we’d give everyone the opportunity to give us the gift of honeymoon memories. We love traveling so much, that it really is the perfect gift! Y...
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Belize Belize Caves Branch, Belize Manchester, New Hampshire Belize
Honeymoon in 12 Night Scandinavia And Russia Cruise

Aly and Adam
Destination: 12 Night Scandinavia And Russia Cruise

Welcome friends and family! We are so excited to celebrate our upcoming wedding day with you all. Thank you for taking the time to spend it with us. :) Since we already have too much stuff (as you may know), we've decided to do a honeymoon registry. For our honeymoon, we ...
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Andorra Stockholm, Sweden Belize Lisbon, Portugal Gotland, Sweden
Honeymoon in South & Central America, Caribbean

Ashley and Tyler
Destination: South & Central America, Caribbean

Hi family and friends! We are so excited to be going on an 11 night cruise (on Celebrity Equinox) for our honeymoon. After our first cruise together with Ashley's family last summer we knew we were hooked on cruising! This itinerary has a nice mix of ports and relaxation time....
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San Antonio, Texas George Town, Cayman Islands Limon, Costa Rica Cartagena, Colombia Cozumel, Mexico
Honeymoon in Ambergris Caye, Belize

Emily and Dimitri
Destination: Ambergris Caye, Belize

There are few things in life that we enjoy more than traveling together! Our next port-of-call will be our honeymoon to Ambergris Caye, Belize. Each day there promises to bring new adventures and lasting memories - it will be such a special trip for us to share as husband and ...
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French Polynesia San Pedro, Belize Belize City, Belize

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