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Honeymoon in Europe

Lisa and Michael
Destination: Europe

Welcome family & friends! We are so excited to share our special day with you. Since we have all of the "things" we need, we decided not to do a traditional wedding registry. What we want most is to take a trip to Europe for our honeymoon so we created a honeymoon registry. If...
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Versailles, France Belgium London, United Kingdom Paris, France France
Honeymoon in Europe

Jean and Chris
Destination: Europe

Hello everyone! We want you to know that your presence in our lives and at our wedding is the greatest gift we could hope for. We greatly appreciate the time and effort you've spent sharing in our big day. We couldn't be happier sharing it with you! Since we are for...
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London, United Kingdom Bruges, Belgium Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Lucerne, Switzerland Rome, Italy
Honeymoon in Europe

Andrea and William
Destination: Europe

Hello! Thank you for checking out our Honeymoon Registry via Wanderable! Will and I have been living together for a while now and pretty much have duplicates of EVERYTHING so we decided to do a Honeymoon Registry so we could travel through EUROPE together! It's been so many...
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Prague, Czech Republic Wiesbaden, Germany Paris, France Dublin, Ireland Wiltshire, United Kingdom
Honeymoon in Western Europe

Aimee and Michael
Destination: Western Europe

We are planning an exciting honeymoon through western Europe. We plan to fly into Amsterdam then travel by train to Bruges, Ghent, Luxembourg and finally end up in Munich where we can visit with Michael's family. While your gift is not necessary, if you choose to contribute to...
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Bruges, Belgium Luxembourg Ghent, Belgium Germany Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Honeymoon in Italy, with a random dash of Belgium

Diane and Andrew
Destination: Italy, with a random dash of Belgium

Don't get us wrong, things are great...but what we really want is an adventure! By contributing to our honeymoon, you'll be helping us experience our first ever trip to Europe as a couple. That's way more exciting than matching towels, right? We thank you so much for helpin...
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Bruges, Belgium Vernazza, Italy Positano, Italy Florence, Italy Bologna, Italy
Honeymoon in France, Switzerland, UK, Spring Escape Cruise on Cunard lines,  Germany

Marc and Sharada
Destination: France, Switzerland, UK, Spring Escape Cruise on Cunard lines, Germany

Hello! Thank you for visiting our site! We are headed to Europe for a delayed honeymoon in May. We have tentatively selected an ocean cruise called the the Spring Escape Cruise on Cunard Cruise Lines, and we hope to spend a few days in Paris, Switzerland, and various location...
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Washington, District Of Columbia Amsterdam, The Netherlands London, United Kingdom Southampton, United Kingdom Bruges, Belgium
Honeymoon in Europe

Teneil and Jeremy
Destination: Europe

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and considering a honeymoon gift for us. Teneil and I are really looking forward to a European tour full of good food, good beer, and historic architecture. We appreciate your contributions and they will go a long way in ensuring our honeymoon is e...
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Germany Brussels, Belgium Belgium Czech Republic Plzen, Czech Republic
Honeymoon in Trasatlántico a Europa

Beatriz and Pedro
Destination: Trasatlántico a Europa

¡Bienvenidos! Nos da mucho gusto invitarlos a nuestra boda y esperamos que puedan venir. No tienen que darnos ningún regalo, pero si quieren pueden escoger alguno de los regalos en esta página. No se preocupen por los precios de los regalos, ustedes pueden elegir la canti...
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Bruges, Belgium Dublin, Ireland Cork, Ireland Portugal

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