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With Wanderable, enjoy low fees & beautiful registry designs.

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Honeyfund Wanderable
2.8% and $0.30/transaction 0%-5% and $0-$1.99/transaction
Yes Yes
Customizable Layouts cost $19.99 - $99.99 Free
No Yes
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Wanderable felt more personal and a whole lot classier than all the other options out there! The layouts are gorgeous, and it was really easy for my guests to use.
Karissa and Tyson

With Wanderable, Spend on your Travel

Website Guest Gifts Couple Receives How We Compare
Wanderable Cash/Check Gifts $10 $10 No fees at all - 100% FREE
Wanderable Credit Card Gifts $10 $9.50 2.5% credit card processing and 2.5% service fee.
Honeyfund $10 $9.42 2.8% credit card processing and $0.30/transaction.
We love that our friends and family can contribute to a life experience (not just towels or dishes!) and that we can come back from our honeymoon and share it with them.
Curry and Katy
I loved the layouts and the overall design is much more elevated, professional-looking, and beautiful than any of the other sites.
Loni and Artie

With Wanderable, Choose a Beautiful Design

5 Gorgeous Photo Layouts to Customize

We know how personal your honeymoon registry is, why settle for less than complete customization? At Wanderable, you can choose from multiple layouts, infinite colors and dozens of different fonts and let your registry reflect your style.

Honeyfund's basic layout is free but will contain advertisements. To customize photos, fonts and colors, the layouts cost $19.99-$99.99.

Choose to express yourself with Wanderable.

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