Brittany Feury & Aaron White

Welcome to our honeymoon registry

Our Story

We met through mutual friends and our connection to the local music scene. We had an instant chemistry, and it was apparent the more time we spent together, the less time we wanted to be apart. We got engaged on November 17th, 2017 after several months of talking about wanting to be married to each other. We are incredibly blessed to have found one another, and are ecstatic about our future together.

October 20 2019

Big Day Details

We are getting married in the capital city of West Virginia, and the city we met: Charleston. We are planning an elegant, fun, and slightly spooky event that will reflect our aesthetic as a couple, with our incredible friends and amazing families.

Honeymoon Destination New Orleans, Louisiana

***PLEASE READ*** The way this registry is designed is to allow our guests to donate ANY amount they choose UP TO the value of the gift listed. Just click "Give Gift" beside of the gift you would like to donate to, and enter the amount and payment information on the next screen. (i.e., if you would like to donate $20 to our airfare and boarding, that would leave us with $1880 left to raise towards that amount).

One of the first things we bonded over (besides music) was our love of Horror and the Macabre. Therefore, when discussing honeymoon locations, we knew we wanted to pick a place that would exemplify our unique tastes. New Orleans houses an abundance in haunted history, rich jazz culture, and exquisite cuisine, so we knew it was the perfect location for us.

We are asking for help on our honeymoon expenses because we would rather have the memories and the experience of time together as newlyweds instead of "stuff". We have enough stuff and don't see any sense in bickering over where the "good china" goes. We're both in our 30s. We've lived on our own for the better part of a decade, and when we moved in together, we merged two households. Since then, we've moved once and did a "stuff purge" and now we're going to need to do another one judging by the hall closet and office, so really we just want to spend as much time together doing fun stuff before we have to come home and go back to work and the real world. We're just a young couple who has had to spend their entire lives searching for one another before finally meeting, who just want some beautiful memories of us as newlyweds. Any help that our friends and family could contribute to that is SO DEEPLY appreciated by the both of us, and we promise to even send you pictures!

Items on our Registry

You can gift any amount you wish up to $925
Price: $925

Besides Airfare, Lodging comes in second place for the most expensive travel item. This gift includes the price of airfare to, and lodging in New Orleans. We have been scouting combo deals with airfare&lodging on and they are CONSTANTLY changing, however, $1900 is the average price of a combined deal on a round trip flight and a hotel in downtown New Orleans for 4 nights. You can donate any amount that you would like.

Dinner at Muriel's Jackson Square
Fully gifted!

Muriel's is a staple of contemporary New Orleans Creole cuisine, and located in Jackson Square in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The price listed is the Table D'Hote Menu, which includes appetizers, entrees, and dessert for the both of us, plus 20% gratuity, which we take pride in tipping to our servers every time we dine out. Our meal could include Pecan Encrusted Baby Drum, which is pan-sauteed with oven roasted pecans and Louisiana crab meat relish, laced with a lemon butter sauce... Or maybe the Savory Gorgonzola Cheesecake, which is gorgonzola prosciutto terrine, honeyed pecans, crispy prosciutto and slices of tart green apple! Whatever we order, Muriel's is DEFINITELY an experience that we must have on our honeymoon.

Jazz and Dinner Cruise on the Steamboat Natchez
Fully gifted!

On the Steamboat Natchez, the last authentic steamboat in New Orleans, we will take a stroll along the decks while it goes across the Mississippi River, enjoying buffet-style dining on New Orleans cuisine while the Grammy-nominated Dukes of Dixieland perform jazz and swing music for us to dance to after we finish our meal. The price of this gift includes the dinner and cruise for both of us, plus a 20% gratuity that we pride ourselves in tipping our servers every time we dine out.

Food Walking Tour of the French Quarter
Fully gifted!

We are big foodies (surprise!) so we thought one way to explore the city and taste an abundance of cuisine from the different restaurant staples in The Big Easy would be a food walking tour! Destination Kitchen, the company that does the tour changes the itinerary daily to keep the experience fresh, but says that the tour could include seafood gumbo, jambalaya, muffuletta, Creole-style brisket, and beignets. The price of this gift would buy both of our tickets to participate in this tour.

Killers and Thrillers Tour
Fully gifted!

Other than local music, one of the things that we bonded over was our love of Horror and the Macabre, which is the main reason that we chose New Orleans as our destination honeymoon spot. On the Killers and Thrillers Tour, we will visit the LaLaurie Mansion (if you're not a history buff, you should still recognize that name - if you watched American Horror Story: Coven!!!), haunted bars, former brothels, and voodoo hot spots. We'll hear about true crimes and urban legends that haunt the city to this day! The price of this gift buys both of our tickets to the tour.

Garden District and LaFayette Cemetery Tour
Fully gifted!

New Orleans is home to some of the most beautiful architecture in the world, and the city's sea level is cause for mausoleums and above-ground tombs. Each of our interests are reflected in this tour where we will walk the Garden District and hear the history behind some of the most elaborate construction in the city before venturing off to admire LaFayette Cemetery (yes, the cemetery featured in Interview With A Vampire!) where we will also hear about burial customs and funeral practices in New Orleans. The price of this gift will purchase both of our tickets for this tour.

You can gift any amount you wish up to $905
Price: $905

You may donate here if the balance of all other gifts has been paid in full, or if you decide you would like to donate to other costs than the ones listed. The remaining balance of this gift will pay for any food or transportation not listed in the activities in the other gifts (for instance, we may end up staying in a hotel without a complimentary breakfast, and we might need an Uber or traditional New Orleans streetcar if we are going to be heading to a part of the city away from our hotel for whatever reason). Fortune tellers, tarot card readers, horse-drawn carriage rides around Jackson Square... We’d love to have all of these experiences on our honeymoon. We are also not flying out until the morning after the wedding, so the balance given towards this gift will pay for the wedding night hotel and accommodations, and transportation to and from the airport. We appreciate our families and friends and are so grateful to have them celebrate our special day.