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I'm sure you've heard of how we met many times over, so I won't bore you with the details. I'll just keep it simple, and say that we are both lucky to count each other as the main characters in the story of our lives together. After our wedding, the first chapter we'll write as a married couple is going to be full of wanderlust and relaxation, adventure and peace, escapades and tranquility: our honeymoon! We don't plan on wasting any moment of our honeymoon, and will use every drop of time we have to explore the world and refresh ourselves.

Last summer he proposed and I SAID YES! We have talked about various options for our wedding, but with having both been married before, we felt we wanted to keep things small this time around, and focus on US!

And then he said it - HONEYMOON - I hadn’t even considered going on a honeymoon. IT WASN'T EVEN ON MY RADAR! I knew we could barely afford the backyard wedding/cookout, let alone a honeymoon, and quite honestly, I am content knowing he is in my life. He of course, wants the world for me.

I know this is ANYTHING BUT TRADITIONAL, but I would love nothing more than to surprise Phil with the honeymoon I know he so badly wants to take me on. So here I am, asking for your help - TO SURPRISE HIM!!

You see, shortly after we started dating, I had a sudden onset of unknown symptoms - vertigo, blurry vision, struggles with depth perception, numbness in my hands and feet. Severe sensitivity to touch, that even the gentlest of hugs from my kids hurt. There were (and still are days) where I struggle to cut my own food and dry my own hair. And there are days I determine what I will wear based on how many buttons the piece of clothing has. 

After a year of testing and ongoing doctor visits, trial medications that at times caused me to live like a suicidal zombie, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Through it all, Phil has been my support mentally and emotionally. He has provided for me and my two boys financially, as there were times when I couldn't work. And yes, he helps me physically too - he has cut my food, helped me with buttons, and has even dried my hair. 

The past 5 years have been, shall we say, challenging?! Everything from an ever changing work schedule, to teen boy drama - yes, they have drama just like girls - to helping a family member manage mental health and addiction issues, to my new business start-up, and of course, my diagnosis with chronic illness. It’s quite possibly been the most emotionally charged stage of my life. Through all of it, Phil has stood by my side. 

He has no idea I’m doing this and I would prefer we keep it that way :) So, please do your best to keep my secret! I am thrilled for the surprise part, of course, but need your assistance - please share on facebook if you know how to 'exclude' Phil from seeing the post! (each post allows you to choose)

Thank you for visiting our honeymoon registry and helping us realize our dreams. We're excited to have these amazing adventures and invite you to be a part of our growing story together. Any "share" or contribution will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for helping us take our first trip as Mr & Mrs!!!

With Love,

October 12 2015

Honeymoon Destination ITALY

This incredibly romantic country will leave us in awe with its mouth-watering food and beautiful sights. For the love of FOOD, we can't imagine a better way to spend our first trip as Mr. & Mrs. Of course, we'll both be blessed to enjoy a moment of peace together after our wedding shenanigans. No matter what the location holds for us, we know we'll come back with lots of stories of lazy days and thrilling feats!

Items on our Registry

Restful Nights
You can gift any amount you wish up to $3,000
Price: $3,000

Whether we end up splurging on luxurious accommodations or cozy house rentals, we're already sleepy thinking about the peaceful nights of rest we'll enjoy during our honeymoon! Thanks for your help in contributing to our honeymoon accommodations, which will surely be some of the best nights of sleep we've ever had after all the long months of wedding planning!

Once in Rome
Rome 3 Combo Tour for Two
Quantity desired: 4 @ $208.10

Rome is packed with enough history, art, and delicious food to fill months of exploration. Since our honeymoon won't last quite that long, this nine hour tour - which can be split between two days - will ensure that we take in all of the Roman highlights. From the Colosseum to the Sistine Chapel to the Trevi Fountain, we'll be thrilled to absorb the city's magnificent history and breathtaking artwork with our knowledgeable guide. This is the perfect introduction to a storied city.

Rome, Italy

The Roman Food Tour
The Roman Food Evening Tour
Quantity desired: 3 @ $76.90

The Roman Food Tour by night is a four-hour food tour. With our knowledgeable foodie guide, we'll visit 5 amazing venues with over 15 tastings! Wine will be included, naturally.

Rome, Italy

Full-day Excursion to Florence, Siena, and Pisa
Quantity desired: 3 @ $174.25

This full-day excursion will take us from Rome to Florence, Siena, and Pisa! We'll be able to tour multiple Italian cities in one day and return in the evening to Rome.

Rome, Italy

Driver in Italy
Romantic Dinner Cruise on Tiber River in Rome
Quantity desired: 2 @ $140.95

At S. Angelo Castle we'll board the Agrippina Maggiore for a romantic cruise along the Tiber River toward Tiber Island and up to Risorgimento Bridge. At this incredible feat of Roman architecture, we'll enjoy the smoldering beauty of the sunset from the bridge as we share a romantic dinner together.

Rome, Italy

Wine & Food of Rome
Food & Market Walk
Quantity desired: 2 @ $89.70

After coffee at one of Rome's most celebrated cafes, we'll set off to meet the merchants of Campo de' Fiori, Rome's famed marketplace. After sampling their incredible cheeses, meats, and produce, we'll head off through some of Rome's most charming streets to eat a local favorite, pizza al taglio. Next we'll pass through the historic Jewish Ghetto to Trastevere, where we'll feast on pasta and local wine, finishing the day with biscotti and gelato.

Rome, Italy

Fabiolous Cooking Day
Pizza Making Lesson
Quantity desired: 1 @ $199.90

We'll head to That’s Amore, a restaurant just steps away from the Trevi Fountain, to learn how to make pizza from scratch. For dinner, we'll enjoy bruschetta, pizza, and dessert alongside our wine/soft drinks for a delicious end to our pizza lesson.

Rome, Italy

Tour to Ravello and Boat on the Amalfi Coast
Quantity desired: 10 @ $209.10

After exploring Rome's buzzing streets we'll crave a change of pace with a visit to the tranquil city of Ravello along the Amalfi Coast. We'll stop in Conca dei Marini for a sumptuous lunch before taking a dip in the private beaches accessible only by boat. We'll end the day in Amalfi with a drink and some shopping before heading back to Rome.

Rome, Italy

The Idyllic Isle of Capri Private Tour
Quantity desired: 5 @ $101.50

We'll enjoy this private and exclusive guided boat tour around the Isle of Capri with visits to the main town of Capri and the smaller village of Anacapri. After our early morning train ride from Rome to Naples, we'll depart from the port of Naples or Sorrento in a hydrophoil boat to see stunning views of the Isle of Capri.

Rome, Italy

Le Vigne di Raito
Guided Tour of Vineyard and Lemon Grove “sfusato of Amalfi”
Quantity desired: 3 @ $103.55

We'll first tour a vineyard and a lemon grove (sfusato of Amalfi). Our lunch/dinner will take place on a panoramic terrace. We'll enjoy leisurely savory and sweet Italian courses with an added bonus of an English speaking guide who will explain each course to us before we enjoy it.

Salerno, Italy

Sorrento Coast Limo
Gastronomic Tour
Quantity desired: 3 @ $173.25

The countryside along the Sorrento Coast boasts an incredibly rich and diverse gastronomic culture, with many artisans sustaining traditions that have made southern Italy's cuisine world-renowned. We'll be making our way to an olive grove and press, sampling Italy's liquid gold before heading to a dairy to sample some of Campania's finest mozzarella and margherita pizza. We'll end our our visit on a sweet note with a visit to a lemon grove where we'll savor the region's famous limoncello.

Sorrento, Italy

Tell us what to do!
You can gift any amount you wish up to $500
Price: $500

We would love for you to give us some suggestions of fun activities, meals, or places we can experience during our honeymoon! When you checkout, simply write your travel tips in the "Add a note to the couple" section.

Drinks to Celebrate!
Fully gifted!

We are definitely looking forward to splitting a few bottles of nice wine during our honeymoon. We have so much to toast to: a great new adventure with our new marriage together!

Street Food
You can gift any amount you wish up to $200
Price: $200

We're both huge fans of street food - the local dishes that you can find in hole-in-the-wall eateries and at food carts. It'll be a perfect way for us to spend a day. Is there anything better than walking around to sample one delicious dish after another?

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
You can gift any amount you wish up to $3,500
Price: $3,500

This gift covers our transportation while we're traveling, ensuring that we'll get safely from one amazing location to the next! We've already resigned ourselves to the fact that we'll probably get lost a few times, but at least we'll be comfortable as we make our way around foreign parts.