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Our Story

This is a true story.

We being she, the many sides of me, asked of myself the acceptance of all that I may be.

In love I have asked my beauty, with her wonder and her grace, to accept my vows and take my heart as her sacred place.

March 14 2015

Big Day Details

Twenty people in close proximity will attend the marriage of myself on my 40th birthday. They will come in silence, comfortable ceremonial clothing, and with blankets in hand. They will prepare to take their shoes off, lie down for the duration of the ceremony, and let the spirit of ancient gongs carry them to the place of timeless peace. This shamanic gong meditation will be led by Sacred Sound Ceremonialist, Jon Reinschreiber and followed by vows by Kelly Nesbitt. For those far away, get your asses here! Location: Bush Street Wellness Center (photo left) 5336 SE Bush St. 2nd Floor, Portland, Oregon 97206

RECEPTION: Follows at 9:00 pm and goes till late! Sicilian pizza, wedding cake, champagne, & DJ Dance Party awaits at Shout House Theater. 210 SE Madison St., Ste 11, Portland, Oregon. Under the Hawthorne Bridge. Your guests, kiddos, and canines are welcome at the reception. BYOB and/or side dishes are appreciated.

NEWS: I am happy to report that come March, I will officially be 'semi-retired', stepping down from my full time position at the hospital to focus on 'The School of ME'. Curriculum indefinitely includes: Love, Health, Arts, and Spirit.

Honeymoon Destination Nicaragua

PART ONE: The first part of the honeymoon I will be at a Yoga & Surf retreat set at Magnificent Rock on the Northwest coast of Nicaragua. 6 days

PART TWO: I will head south San Juan del Sur, a little colorful "pueblo" located just 30 minutes away from the Costa Rican border. I will stay at a hostel and walk over to do daily yoga at Zen Yoga. 5 days

PART THREE: I will head to Little Corn Island about 70 kilometres east of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. It's a small island, no cars permitted, where you go by foot, boat, horse, & bike only. 9 days

Any and all contributions towards the honeymoon would be darn appreciated. Making memories in 20 days to last the second half of my lifetime.

Love & Gratitude

Items on our Registry

Quantity desired: 23 @ $25

My roundtrip flight 6,258 AIR MILES from Portland, Oregon to Managua, Nicaragua, and back again for $700.00. In a nutshell, I will be going to # 1, 2, 3 out of this list of 5 best places to go in Nicaragua. Magnificent Rock, San Juan del Sur, and Little Corn Island!


Quantity desired: 17 @ $50

Yoga & Surf retreat at the Magnific Rock Hotel, in Popoyo, Nicaragua. It is in the north, overlooks Nicaragua's premier surf break, and is one of Central America's top surfing destinations. Perched on a 30 metre cliff face, Magnific Rock will offer me an unparalleled experience with 270 degree views of Popoyo's best surf breaks. The hotel is a radial space with a beautiful second floor yoga studio offering the same epic views. There will be a 'Call to Awakening' yoga/surf retreat organized by Paypaya Wellness with two certified instructors, yoga twice a day, surf lessons, a complimentary massage, 3 organic meals a day (vegetarian or pescetarian), smoothies, juices, and Nicaraguan coffee. Excursions include: Hot springs, jungle hikes, & more surf lessons. I will be staying in their cabins. They are excited for my arrival!!!




Quantity desired: 6 @ $25

Help get my physical body over to the Corn Islands for the third leg of my honeymoon. I will fly to Big Corn Island, then take a boat to Little Corn Island where cars are not permitted. The only way is by boat, foot, horse, or bike on Little Corn. Not even motor bikes allowed! The flight takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes and costs $150.00 round trip.

A blog about Little Corn:

Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Quantity desired: 11 @ $20

I will stay at Casa Iguana on Little Corn Island in an "economy" cabana for 9 days. Maybe even this purple one to the left! But are all nicely spaced apart to offer you more privacy than most other resorts on the island. All rooms are oceanfront offering either views of the beach and palm trees or over the open ocean. The cabanas offer spectacular views, in-room safes, free WiFi in the lodge, bottomless organic and fair trade coffee, charging area for your devices, good tunes all day long, unprecedented ambiance, and 40 acres with private coves. Casa Iguana contributes to sustainable tourism and agrotourism in Nicaragua and helps implement more programs to improve education and promote their practices island-wide. The price is $40.00 a night x9 nights. = $360.00.

It is here that I will write the curriculum to the 'School of ME'. Subjects to include Love, Health, Arts, & Spirit, among other things.


Little Corn Island

Quantity desired: 8 @ $10

Please help Rosie stay happy without me while I am away on my honeymoon. She has a little separation anxiety and is madly in love with me. She will stay with at my apartment and my next door neighbors/friends will look after her most of the time. But she may have to go to her doggie day care a few days to cover gaps. I'll be gone for almost 3 weeks. I would hope to be able to pay my friends $10 a day for walk, run, feed, and play with her. I am looking to cover two weeks worth of her care.

Portland, OR, United States

Fully gifted!

"Nicaragua in Focus" is an authoritative and up-to-date guide to this fascinating country. It explores the land, history and politics (including the crucial and difficult relationship with the U.S.), economy, society and people, culture and environment, and includes tips on where to go and what to see. Color and b&w photos, maps.

Portland, OR, United States

You can gift any amount you wish up to $60
Price: $60

Help me get my ass kicked! I have been going to the gym on a regular basis now for over four months. Feeling good! I do bootcamp kick-ass classes with THIS GUY! He is a super cool trainer and friend who plays Aphex Twin and Kurt Vile wicked loud while I work out. I want to bump up my level of fitness training this year and commit to some one on one training classes with Justin. Plus, this girl has gotta get in even better shape for my honeymoon! If you would like to see me get buff, send a buck or two. Just do it. We will document the sh*t out of it and keep you up to date.


Portland, OR, United States

Fully gifted!

I will turn 40 while on Little Corn ISland on March 27th. I would just love to have Champagne and Breakfast in Bed! Can you make that happen?

Casa Iguana, Little Corn Island, Autonomous Region of the Southern Atlantic, Nicaragua

Fully gifted!

Brother Bing at Farm Peace Love can take me horse-back riding to visit the most remote spots of Little Corn Island. The farm produces coconut, vegetables and tropical fruits. They produce organic coconut oil that we use to make natural soaps and other products. There are horses, goats and chickens, two lazy cats and three dogs, two very large and playful .


Farm Peace Love, Nicaragua

Fully gifted!

My friend Virginia Marting will be the tattoo artist! She is a multidisciplinary artist that likes to create art work in different mediums : painting, tattoo , fabric arts, paper arts, dance, and performance. Residing in Portland, Oregon, since 2007 . She was born in Rosario, Argentina. In between she’d been traveling, studying, working and learning in different countries.


Portland, OR, United States

You can gift any amount you wish up to $45
Price: $45

This is the second leg of my tour. After Magnificent Rock up North, I will head south to San Juan del Sur, a little colorful "pueblo" located just 30 minutes away (by car) from the Costa Rican border, set on the beautiful bay and surrounded by dramatic coastline. Mostly visited by surfers, and is also a vacation spot for many Nicaraguan families and foreign tourists. The town features a lot of energy, colors, restaurants, and nightlife. You can feel the local vibe and observe the life of a tropical village.

This will be my big urban experience during my travels in a town of 15,000. I will stay at a hostel and walk to Zen Yoga for daily yoga. I will be here for 5 days! Yoga $35. Hostel $ 50.

Zen Yoga:

San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua

You can gift any amount you wish up to $5
Price: $5

If boredom should strike during the March thaw, feel free to follow my HONEYMOON BLOG. There I will be posting curriculum developments of the 'School of ME'. Don't be afraid to be in touch either. Love letters and such are welcome in this new year. My homemade newsletters with updates to all are stamped and just chomping at the bit awaiting the mailman. So stay tuned. I'm so blessed to have had you all touch my life. I am looking forward to some introspective travel time to honor my past (you), make mental space to let things surface, take care, be aware, create flow, be in the moment, and feel invigorated at the thought of the future.


Ps: The blog is free by the way but Wanderable made be enter a 5 dollar amount.