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Destination: France and Italy

Welcome! Thank you so much for visiting our honeymoon registry. We are so excited for our honeymoon.


Flights from St. Louis to Paris and Back

It feels very Charles Lindbergh of us - your gift will help cover the cost of flying over to the Old World. And yes, that is a Concorde. And no, they no longer fly those.

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Apartment in Paris - first nights of our honeymoon

We've always wondered what it would be like to be a real Parisian - inhabiting a charming apartment in the artist colony of Montmartre, buying baguettes and croissants for breakfast, munching on charcuterie for lunch, painting water colors in the afternoon , etc. Now we have our chance! Your gift will contribute to three nights in a bright duplex apartment in Montmartre, that includes a balcony overlooking the dome of Sacre Coeur. Bon vivant!

Montmartre, Paris, France

 Fully gifted!

In and Out of Coffee Shops, Bookstores, Museums and Pastis Purveyors in Paris

We'll pretend to be Parisians as we sip Cafe au Laits on patio tables, play tennis at Roland-Garros, and scamper through hip art galleries in Pigalle. Your gift will help cover our whimsical activities in the City of Light!

Paris, France

 Fully gifted!

Our first honeymoon dinner

We anticipate that after a day of breezy sightseeing in the Parisian summer heat we'll work up an appetite for dinner. Your gift will pay for our first dinner alone as a married couple! The hardest part - where shall we go? Maybe Le Chateaubriand ("The young Basque chef, Iñaki Aizpitarte, serves a five-course menu that changes daily. Recent meals included a foie gras served in miso soup, and a sea bass served with red chicory and lemon crème fraîche.") But other suggestions welcome!

Paris, France

 Fully gifted!

Train Travel in France & Italy

We've had a serious debate - rent a car and tour through the French and Italian countrysides? Or do it the GHG friendly way and go train hopping. We've opted to do both! We'll be taking trains from Paris to the Alps, and from Provence through to Italy and Venice. Your gift will contribute to helping us ride the romantic rails in France and Italy!

France, Italy

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Hotel in Annecy - French Alps

In 1728, a young Henri Rousseau found himself in Annecy, France, "where he found abundant material — romantic, sexual, scandalous — for his celebrated 'Confessions.'" Rousseau became the ward of Madame de Warens, an aristocrat 12 years his senior: “I had imagined a sour-faced pious old lady,” he wrote in his autobiography. But “I saw a gracefully molded face, beautiful blue eyes filled with sweetness, a shining skin, the shape of an enchanting figure.” He called her “maman.” She found him small jobs in Annecy, encouraged his musical education — and then became his lover when he was just out of his teens. Thus, we discover there is history, beautiful canals, promiscuity, scandal, gorgeous mountains, and wonderful gastronomy all within the high Alps region of France. Your gift will contribute to spending two nights at the Hotel des Alpes in this fascinating lakeside town.

Annecy, France

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Day of adventure in Switzerland

We're planning to have a full day's adventure in the Swiss Alps, after we get bored drinking wine and tanning on the Italian Riviera. Possible activities on tap: mountain climbing, trekking, para-gliding, hang-gliding, canyoning, marathoning, mountain-biking, and fondue splurging. Your gift will help fund an adrenaline-filed day of adventure in the Swiss Alps!

Swiss Alps, Airolo, Switzerland

 Fully gifted!

Kayaking in Annecy

When we're not tracing the sordid footsteps of Rousseau (or re-reading the tenets of the social compact), we're planning to rent a few kayaks (or maybe SUPs) and ripple through the crystal clear waters of Lac d'Annecy. Your contribution will help outfit us in France's finest marine watercraft.

Annecy, France

 Fully gifted!

Cheese & Tartiflette in the Alps

We're on the hunt to eat a cheesy casserole indigenous to the High Alps called tartiflette. This place looks promising: "The owners of Ferme de la Charbonnière take the idea of farmstead dining to an extreme. Want to know where all the cheese on your table came from? Just glance through the plexiglass down to the barn below, where some of the herd is most likely being milked. The restaurant smells like a mix of broiling cheese and barnyard. An evening sitting on wooden benches and watching the cows brings the notion of terroir to a new level." Ok, we're convinced! Your gift will help fill our stomachs with delicious, cheesy tartiflette. Merci!

Annecy, France

 Fully gifted!

Car Rental in Europe

We're planning to pick up a small European car for some touring and zipping around in the Alps and Provence. We are ready for anything - from Renault micro-cars to Porsche 911's! Your gift will help us zip through small country towns, French roundabouts, and windy two-lane roads, from Annecy to Avignon.


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Country House in Provence, France

We are planning to spend four nights in Provence at a quiet country house near Avignon. Your gift will help cover the costs of staying in the French countryside - which means we will of course toast many glasses of red wine in your honor!

Avignon, France

 Fully gifted!

Wine Tasting in Chateauneuf-du-Pape

While in Provence, we're planning a day-long wine outing to the famous vineyards of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, near Avignon in Provence. Your gift will provide a memorable experience in the beating (southern) heart of France.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape, France

 Fully gifted!

Bike Rentals in Provence

Cycling through the lavendar fields of Provence sounds...perfect. Your gift will help us procure a few French road bikes and navigate the twisting back roads of southern France.

Avignon, France

 Fully gifted!

Provence Picnic

Aix-en-Provence is said to possess one of Europe's finest fruit and vegetable markets. While we know it can't compare to Dupont's weekly Sunday version, nonetheless we feel obligated to plan an afternoon picnic from the produce we acquire in the market. Your contribution will help us put together a wonderful French country spread of brie, bread, fruits, vegetables and vin rouge.

Aix-en-Provence, France

 Fully gifted!

Provencale Dinner

We're searching for a traditional Gallic meal and we may have found it at Chez Feraud, described by the New York Times: "If you don’t have a Gallic grandmother, you at least have Chez Feraud (8, rue du Puits Juif; 33-4-4263-0727). Within the rustic dining room of this ivy-draped restaurant, bourgeois couples and business partners devour pistou soup, daube de boeuf and other southern French favorites that evoke a classic farmhouse kitchen. Finish off with a purely Provençal sundae: warm stewed figs served with cold caramel ice cream." Delicious! Your gift will allow us to eat in style!

Aix-en-Provence, France

 Fully gifted!

Night on the town in Monaco

We're looking forward to a wonderful evening in Monaco. Your gift will be our splurge: a great meal, a few spins at the roulette wheel and a hand or two at the poker table, and maybe a nice digestif to finish off the night.


 Fully gifted!

Beachside apartment in Cinque Terre, Italy

We are planning to spend two nights in the small harbor town of Vernazza, in Italy's Cinque-Terre. We have found a beautiful apartment overlooking the bay, and we're excited to take a few nights in this relaxing beachside area.

Vernazza, La Spezia, Italy

 Fully gifted!

Beach Gear for Cinque Terre

August is the height of vacation season in Italy, one of the most fashionable locales in the entire world. This puts us at a profound disadvantage, being that we both live in Washington, DC (decidedly not fashionable) and were raised in the Midwest (great sports, not known for high fashion). Your gift will help us purchase some necessary items for the beach (towels, faux designer shades, snazzy Euro swim suits), to ensure the Italian fashionista let us onto the sand.

La Spezia, Italy

5 @ $25

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Trattoria Dining in Cinque Terre

Petworth has Chez Billy, Cinque Terre has Trattoria dal Billy. Described as a "a quaint three-story restaurant tucked into Manarola's lush mountainside. An enchanting climb through the village's mazelike alleyways leads to a set of garden terraces where you can sample local specialties like anchovies with salt or lemon, and taglierini with tomato, pecorino, pine nuts, baby shrimp, pepper and olive oil. Sweeping vineyard and sea views abound." Fantastic, we'll take two! Your gift will help us splurge on gorgeous Italian dining in Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre, Deiva Marina, La Spezia, Italy

 Fully gifted!

Last Waltz & Final Nights in Venice

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and so will our honeymoon. We're planning to finish off our trip in Venezia (and no, I have no idea who the carnivale reveler in the photo is). We are planning to stay in La Villeggiatura Bed & Breakfast, which means “a trip to the villa," and sits right off the Grand Canal in a quiet(er) neighborhood of the city. Your gift will contribute to our final two nights in Venezia.

Venice, Italy

3 @ $150

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Meal in Venice

Your gift will cover a nice meal in Venice. We're thinking cicchetti...("The debate over the city’s best cicchetti, or old-style tapas, is as fiery for Venetians as is politics or religion. The good news is you don’t have to choose just one. A tour might start at the bar of Trattoria da Fiori (San Marco 3461; 39-041-523-5310), where artists and residents nibble on polpette di carne (meatballs) and sip glasses of tocai. At the sleeker Naranzaria (San Polo 130; 39-041-724-1035; naranzaria.it), try the light spinach pie with a glass of wine (many of the wines offered come from the owner Count Brandolini’s own vineyards). Nearby, Cantina do Mori (San Polo 429; 39-041-522-5401) is an atmospheric old-school spot that attracts a well-heeled crowd. And Al Merca (San Polo 213; 39-346-834-0660) is the preferred choice for a Venetian spritz — prosecco, Aperol or Campari, sparkling water and a slice of lemon or orange.")

Venice, Italy

 Fully gifted!

Gondola ride in Venice

Yes, I found a picture of a young Mick Jagger rolling his eyes either at the indignity of being pushed down a Venetian waterway by a gondolier, or the realization that his matrimony with Bianca Jagger was doomed. Let history be the judge. That being said, we "can't get no satisfaction" if we failed to take advantage of Venice's canals. Your gift will pay for several hours of gondoliering and - who knows? - may even buy us an Italian aria or two!

Venice, Italy

 Fully gifted!

Last Honeymoon Dinner

Our last dinner of our honeymoon! This sounds lovely: "Alle Testiere (Castello 5801; 39-041-522-7220; www.osterialletestiere.it), a nine-table establishment owned by a group of young Venetians that serves seasonal and local seafood like gnocchi with calamaretti and fresh grilled sea bass. Pair with a regional wine like Orto, a grassy white made in Sant’ Erasmo, an island in the Venetian Lagoon."

Venice, Italy

 Fully gifted!

Weekend B&B Getaway - Honeymoon Redux

We're hoping to stay a weekend at a gorgeous bed and breakfast in our first year together, as a reminder of our amazing honeymoon. Your gift will help make this dream a reality!

Vermont, United States

 Fully gifted!

August 9, 2014

Ceremony & reception to be held at Third Degree Glass Factory in St. Louis, MO.