Julie Dona & Andrew Couch

Welcome to our honeymoon registry
September 12 2015

Honeymoon Destination India, Thailand, and Argentina

We are so excited to spend our first three months of marriage traveling to interesting places together. We plan to begin our trip in South India, where we will explore temples, beaches, and so much good food. From there, we'll travel to Thailand, and then on to Patagonia, with brief stops in the Netherlands and Buenos Aires.

Items on our Registry

Taking Flight
You can gift any amount you wish up to $2,345
Price: $2,345

We're expecting to spend about 80 hours in the air, so our flights are our biggest expense. Thanks to everyone contributing to our airfare fund!

Restful Nights
Quantity desired: 1 @ $50

We're already sleepy thinking about the peaceful nights of rest we'll enjoy during our honeymoon! Thanks for your help in contributing to our honeymoon accommodations.

Backwater Houseboat Tour in Kerala
Fully gifted!

We'll start off our honeymoon with a houseboat tour in Kerala, which has a chain of canals extending about 800 miles, with a network of 44 rivers, lagoons and lakes. Thank you for contributing to our houseboat cruise fund!

Street Food in Thailand
Fully gifted!

You may notice that we're traveling to countries with really, really good food. That's no accident. Neither of us have been to Thailand, and we're pumped to try the street food in Bangkok.

Bangkok Thailand

Camping/cycling rentals in Patagonia
Fully gifted!

We are so excited to travel through Patagonia in December, even if it means fighting some wind.

Tell us what to do!
You can gift any amount you wish up to $100
Price: $100

We would love for you to give us some suggestions of fun activities, meals, or places we can experience during our honeymoon! When you checkout, simply write your travel tips in the "Add a note to the couple" section.