Welcome to the Honeymoon Registry of Eric Daudenarde & Andrea Wang October 22nd, 2017

Our Story

We are saving up for a 3 week honeymoon! We want to start with a 2-week promenade around the tallest mountain in the Alps, followed by some time in the South of France and Paris.

Wikipedia describes the hiking trail as: "The Tour du Mont Blanc or TMB is one of the most popular long-distance walks in Europe. It circles the Mont Blanc massif, covering a distance of roughly 170 kilometres (110 mi) through parts of Switzerland, Italy and France. The circular route is normally walked in an anti-clockwise direction in 11 days."

Tour de Mont Blanc lodgings
Fully gifted!

The old Tour de Mont Blanc has many lodging options -- our favorite choice: local inns and huts where you can get a hot meal after a day spent through hiking and taking in the views!

Train Tickets
Fully gifted!

Train rides on the TGV bullet train from the airport, to Chamonix, to the Sud de France and back to Paris! And ship our city clothes to change styles when we get back en ville

Hiking Supplies
Fully gifted!

We will want to travel lightly and in style! While we have the comfort of sleeping in huts on the route, we'll still want to layer and stay comfortable during our rugged hiking!

Room in the South France
Fully gifted!

We want to decompress for a few days in the South of France before heading up to Paris for a week! Help us feel like locals while we rest in Montpellier.

A week of celebration dinners in Paris
Fully gifted!

While spending a week in Paris, we'd like to have some culinary experiences! We'll be making reservations and looking forward to celebrating our first time in Paris together. We'll be taking advice from friends, family, the Guide Michelin, and following our noses.

Paris, France

Relaxing in cafes, sampling local produce in Montpellier, seeing the South of France
Fully gifted!

One of the benefits of going to a familiar place is being a local for a few days -- that's what we'd like to do in Montpellier, along with relaxing in the small cafes before heading off to Paris! Eric has been here a few times, visiting his grandmother, touring the 10th century architecture and public parks, and sampling the local produce.

Montpellier, France

Sight seeing & touring France
Fully gifted!

We know that surprises will happen, and we want to plan in some spontaneity! Who knows if we'll take a boat ride, find ourselves in a castle or an ancient Roman ruin, or cooking a fancy meal together? We'll be sure to share the stories of our adventures!

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French for memories, 'les souvenirs' are the little treasures we may find along our way. Who knows what we may uncover on our 'grand voyage'!