Erica Smith and Paul Moore

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Destination: Puerto Rico and Antigua & Barbuda


Wedding Guest Shuttle Bus

Want to make sure you get there on time and get home safely?

Shuttle will take guests from Commonwealth Park Suites Hotel to Sabot at Stony Point and back when your feet are tired.

Space is somewhat limited so priority will be given to contributors.

Sabot at Stony Point, Stony Point Road, Richmond, VA

10 @ $20

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Flight to Paradise

Help us get to our getaway spot

The Sky

11 @ $50

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Place to Sleep

Caribbean Sea

19 @ $30

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You tell us!

Let us know what you think we should do! We're always up for suggestions.

Antigua and Barbuda

9 @ $20

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Go swimming with Crush! (Finding Nemo reference....duh)

Tamarindo Beach, Puerto Rico

 Fully gifted!

Antigua Sailing Adventure

Sailing around St. John's

Antigua and Barbuda

3 @ $25

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Bio-Bay Excursion in Vieques

We can't wait to watch falling stars and witness Vieques' bioluminescent bay shine like an aqua-blue glowing cloud in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Nerdy, indeed, but we know this will be a highlight!

Puerto Rico

 Fully gifted!

April 13, 2013