Welcome to the Honeymoon Registry of Paige Boone & Ryan McCabe December 19th, 2015

Our Story

We know it's not traditional, and it's not the way it's done. Instead of a wedding list, we'd like a bit of sun. We've lived together quite a while, and all the bills are paid. We've got our plates, our pots and pans, our plans have all been made. So if you'd like to give a gift to help us celebrate. Something towards our "honeyfund" we would appreciate!

Honeymoon Destination Seychelles

We're headed halfway around the world to the Seychelles
a tropical paradise east of Africa.
We'll stop over in Dubai on the way there and Paris on the way home

Items on our Registry

Airfare to Dubai
Quantity desired: 25 @ $150

We have always been adventurers at heart, so we decided to travel halfway around the world to celebrate our wedded bliss. 14 hours of flight time will take us from Orlando to Dubai to celebrate the New Year!

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Dubai Resort
Fully gifted!

Drinks on New Years
Fully gifted!

We are definitely looking forward to splitting a few bottles of nice wine during our honeymoon. We have so much to toast to!

Airfare to Seychelles
Fully gifted!

Seychelles Resort
Fully gifted!

6 nights a Enchanted Island Resort

Enchanted Island Resort, Seychelles

Scuba Trip
Fully gifted!

A chance to explore the underwater world of the Seychelles


Dinner and drinks
Fully gifted!

A romantic dinner for two!

A Spa Day for two!
Fully gifted!

A day to unwind and relax with a couples massage

Beach Rentals
Fully gifted!

Paddle board rental
Fully gifted!

A day on the water

Boat Excursion
Fully gifted!

A boat tour to discover the underwater world of The Seychelles

Airfare to Paris
Quantity desired: 21 @ $150

Street Food
Fully gifted!

We're both huge fans of street food - the local dishes that you can find in hole-in-the-wall eateries and at food carts. It'll be a perfect way for us to spend a day. Is there anything better than walking around to sample one delicious dish after another?

Paris Accomodations
Fully gifted!

To end our trip, we'll be spending 4 nights in the city of love

Airfare from Paris back to the US
Quantity desired: 39 @ $150