Lara and Jason

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Destination: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Hello and welcome to our registry. We're so honored that you're here. You know us...we're always big travelers, so it should be no surprise that given our constant wanderlust and the very unsettled state of our living situation, that a honeymoon registry was in order! We hope you find something here that you like. We really appreciate the thought you've given us.


A stay in a historic Yucatecan Hacienda

We're dreaming of staying a night or two at a historic Mexican hacienda while near Mérida, the Yucatan Peninsula's cultural capital. Your gift will help make this dream a reality!

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Our first honeymoon dinner

Our first dinner alone as a married couple! You'll be contributing to our splurge on amazing food.

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If we're going to go exploring, we'll need a trusty steed to transport us from place to place. We figure a mid-size car will do the trick—even with the dress on board!

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A Day Trip to Explore the Mayan Wonders of Uxmal & Kabah

Set on a grassy savannah and surrounded by forest, Uxmal is a World Heritage site dating from before the 10th century AD. It is considered one of the most complex and beautiful expressions of Puuc architecture along with Kabah's "Palace of the Masks." We hope it'll be a major highlight of our Mexican honeymoon.

Uxmal, Mexico


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Couple's massage

After the rush and party of the wedding celebration weekend, we'd love to start to relax into a few days of honeymooning with a soothing couple's massage on the beach.

Mayan Riviera

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A romantic horseback ride along the beach

If you know Lara well, you know how much she misses her weekends riding at the horse ranch outside Auckland. We look forward to having a little time together on horseback by taking a private ride along of the few undeveloped areas left on the Riviera Maya, through lush jungle and white sandy beaches. We marked our engagement this way, and we think it'll be a memorable way to come full circle on our honeymoon.

Rancho Baaxal, Playa del Carmen


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February 8, 2014

Beach ceremony in Tulum Mexico, at Playa Azul, prefaced and followed by some exploration of the Yucatan Peninsula.